Wednesday 9th October 2013

Another day of rest and recovery today – nothing to get the heart rate pumping! I took the dog for a walk this morning and again, like yesterday, it can’t be classed as a power hike. Just another gentle stroll through the dewy early morning fields of south east England and another cleansing and relaxing experience.

The thing that came closest to moving my heart rate above normal today was taking my Giant out for a spin to the post depot! I wanted to get there as quickly as possible but once I began to crank it up a bit my cold took hold of my breathing apparatus and I found it very uncomfortable – so it was that I cruised there and back. I was visiting the depot to collect yesterday’s missed delivery of my iPod and as soon as I got home I plugged it in and began the installation, after this it was time to sit back and watch the painfully slow progress of my 105gb music library uploading the the little music box that will now accompany me everywhere!

Because of my slow progress on the dog walk and on my bike journey I ran out of time to visit the sauna and steam room before work so instead I have dosed myself up on Strepsils, Lemsip and Lockets today to combat my blocked nose, sore throat and heavy chest. I can be quite short tempered when I feel unwell and this is hard to conceal when you’re at work dealing with difficult clients and partner agencies and today I have dealt with a particularly difficult case involving the Court of Protection, a Mental Health Rehab & Recovery Team, a client who lacks capacity and a relatively minor issue that quickly evolved into an inter-agency quagmire! I have to say that I’m glad that it has largely been sorted out now but it has taken a lot out of me and if I felt well enough I would most definitely be going on a late night run to clear my mind. Although I won’t be able to do this at least I can be thankful that I have two days off and I fully intend to make the most of them by spending a lot of time in the sauna and steam room and hopefully by Friday evening I may be past the worst of my cold and lacing up my running shoes!

Anyway, I’m going to wrap it up there dear reader – I’m sitting in the office at this moment in time and the paperwork next to me is not going to edit and file itself! Until the ‘morrow, I bid you bon nuit 🙂

Peace out x

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