Tuesday 8th October 2013

No workout for me today! I woke up feeling absolutely rotten, so much so that I called in sick to work – I rescinded this decision about an hour later after I’d pulled myself together, eaten some breakfast, had a coffee and drank some water. I figured if I was well enough to put the leash on Loki and take him for a walk then I was well enough to go to work!

I had a great walk with Loki, no power hiking today just a gentle stroll through the fields at a leisurely pace. I would have loved to run, swim or even power hike today but I just feel way too bunged up to contemplate doing anything that might require heavier/faster breathing than usual. By the time I got back from walking with Loki I felt a lot better than before I left the house – the fresh air, peace and quiet can do wonders for ailments I find! Anyway, I decided that I would put together a healthy smoothie and then head off to use the sauna and steam room. So it was that I blended together some coconut extract, two bananas, a handful of blackberries, 2 tablespoons of fresh ginger, some honey and almond milk and then left it in the fridge for after my cleansing session!

I grabbed my swim bag and began my slow walk to the pool. I forgot my headphones and iPod so it felt like I was doing a different journey than usual – I normally listen to music on the way to the pool as it helps me to ‘get in the zone’ as it were – I guess today I didn’t need to be in any kind of zone at all! I have found that visiting my local pool on a weekday morning between 1000-1130hrs suits me best because it is usually as close to empty as it gets. I really enjoyed having a very peaceful 20 minutes in the steam room on my own – I spent ten minutes lying down on a bench and breathing in the steam deeply and then the last ten minutes pacing around at a reasonable pace, it did the trick in loosening up the blockage in my sinuses and I could breathe a lot easier when I went into the sauna.

I spent the entire twenty minute sauna session lying face down on a bench trying to slow my heart rate – during this time I found myself feeling really happy at the prospect of my two upcoming races and really began to visualise how they might pan out! They are two very different beasts; one being my first marathon and road based and the other being my first ultramarathon predominantly based on trail. During my twenty minute visualisation I decided that I wasn’t going to push my first marathon too hard at all and would try to use it as an ultramarathon training long run – I know this is unlikely because once I lace up and get ready to race I do exactly that!

I went home in a good mood but still feeling under the weather. However, my mood took a turn for the worst when I noticed I had missed the delivery of my new iPod! The only time that I have known there to be nodbody at all in the house to take a delivery – just my luck! Thankfully my mood soon improved when I realised that I had seen the postman on my way back from the leisure centre which meant I could track him down and take ownership of my parcel, not only this but I would also get to take my trusty Giant mountain bike out for a spin which I haven’t done for quite a while. Anyway, I tracked down the postman but he told me that his colleague was driving around delivering parcels today so he didn’t have any larger items with him…so that was that – I’ll be getting up and heading straight to the postal depot in the morning to sign for and recieve my delivery!

That’s all from me today folks! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll feel up to going for a run before work but if not it’ll be another trip to the sauna and steam room…which will more than likely mean another rambling ‘Rest & Recovery’ post like this one 🙂

Peace out x

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