Saturday 5th October 2013

Workout Soundtrack:  Country Joe McDonald & The Fish – ‘From Haight-Ashbury to Woodstock’

6.22km 27:59 (Injury test run. Result: Recovered! )

I woke up today and I knew right away that my post-work injury test run would finally result in a positive outcome – no pain, no discomfort, nothing all day long…and so it was for this run!

I decided to go a bit further afield today as I’ve done most of my injury test runs on a 1.2km perimeter field that is about 500m from my house. This time I went to a set of fields and woods that stretch for many miles – these trails start about 1km from my house. The idea was to get a bit more varied terrain with a view to testing my injured L3 on new ground – I’m very thankful to say that it was a beautiful run because it would have been quite a long and painful walk home if my L3 had flared up! I set off about 35 minutes before sunset and was home just as the sky started to darken – it felt great to be out in the empty fields and woods with not a soul around, I had the sunset all to myself and although I wasn’t moving as fast as I would under normal circumstances it was amazing to be moving without any sign of discomfort. Granted, I haven’t been for a proper run for 1 month and 2 days now so I felt a little tired and my legs felt heavier and less responsive than usual but with a few more shakeout runs I should be back to my usual self!

The only thing of note I can say about my run, apart from the lack of other people, was that for the first time ever since I started running in 2011 I had a bug fly straight into my mouth and get caught in my throat at the 3.95km mark – I started to gag and choke so much that I had to stop and I immediately threw up and had to a hock a few to clear the obstruction…RIP bug! To be quite honest, although it was an unexpected and unpleasant stop at the point where I had just found my rhythm it was good to stop and to take stock of my surrounding and to suck some wind – my last 2 klicks were the fastest of the run so it was obviously meant to be 😀

So dear reader, I’m back on track and seemingly injury free! Fingers crossed that I wake up tomorrow and feel like I did this morning. I’ll be taking all the precautions I know this evening – I’m taking a hot bath before I hit the hay, following this I’ll be doing a hip flexor and lumbar extension stretching session and then I’ll be going to sleep with a hot water bottle against my L3 and for good measure I’ll be wearing my compression socks too! Big thanks to Anna McCann at Kingsfield Centre for Physiotherapy for all of the advice, acupuncture and physio – I’d still be limping and feeling sorry for myself if it wasn’t for your expert intervention!

Peace & Blessings x

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