Friday 4th October 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Earth Crisis – ‘All Out War EP’ & ‘Firestorm EP’

5.12km 21:37 (Injury test run. Result: Inconclusive. Reserving judgement)

I’ve had a grand old day relaxing with some friends I’ve not seen for a while, it was great to sit outside shooting the breeze over some lemonade and a few coffees. I’ve also managed to sort my finances out, win an iPod on eBay and finished up my chores which I do once a week: changing bed linen, hoovering, dusting and a clothes wash!

After my relaxing day I was in the perfect frame of mind for a positive test run. My L3 had not given me one single problem all day – I was surprised by this as it was hurting quite a lot yesterday after physio but it seems a good night of sleep cleared it up! I stepped out of my front door and set off at a modest 4:21 average paced first kilometre and after getting no negative feedback from my knee/ITB/L3 I decided to step it up and cranked out a 3:53 for my second kilometre – after this I didn’t look back, I just kept on as fast as I could muster! Granted, I didn’t come anywhere near to running as fast as I’m capable but then again I’ve had 1 month and 1 day off – I’ll take the result of this run as really good sign that I am, at the very least, well on the way to recovery (and at best, I’m recovered). I’m reserving judgement on my injury status until tomorrow morning when I wake up for my early shift as I’ve found that the day after a test run usually brings inflammation, stiffness and discomfort but this run just feels different because I’m sitting here with no the slightest hint of discomfort – I will be over the moon if I wake up tomorrow and feel like I do now! I know that if this is the case my shift will fly by and I’ll be out on what will hopefully be my final injury test run before I’ve even though about what I might be having for dinner.

So, until the ‘morrow [Judgement Day], I will bid you all adieu! Fingers crossed for a positive result from tomorrow’s test run!!!

Peace out x

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