Thursday 3rd October 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Cryptopsy – ‘Blasphemy Made Flesh’ (on the way to the pool and back)

50m warm-up (freestyle)

40x25m 20:06 (freestyle)

50m warm-down (freestyle)

Not a great sleep last night! I kept being woken by some pretty intense nightmares – I don’t really recall the details of them now but they were an odd addition to my usually dreamless nights. Here’s hoping they don’t become a regular feature!

So it was that I woke up around 0830hrs and had to rush straight to my physio appointment at 0900hrs, my restless night was pretty evident when I arrived as I was still rubbing sleep from my eyes! If more evidence was needed when I was going through the pre-acupuncture/physio check, my physio Anna asked me to lift my right knee to my chest and I literally had to said out loud; ‘Left’ and waved my left hand and then exclaimed ‘Oh yeah, right’ and then waved my right hand…shortly followed by me beginning to lift my left foot from the ground! I honestly thought that once I lay down on the table I might actually fall asleep during acupuncture but I managed to wake myself up a little and talked about race plans for the future and also about a lovely little mountain village in Italy that Anna loves to visit – she’s been there 12 times! Whilst we were conversing about various Swiss, Italian and French mountain towns and villages Anna managed to place the copper acupuncture needles in my lower back, along my spine and in my ankle without me even noticing and once I knew the needles were in well, I began to feel a lot lighter and relaxed – I really, really cannot recommend acupuncture enough for stress relief, muscle relaxation and generally the wonderful feeling it produces in the mind and body!

Acupuncture: who would have thought strategically placed needles could relieve so much discomfort?!

Acupuncture: who would have thought strategically placed needles could relieve so much discomfort?!

Anyway, Anna showed me some hip flexor stretches that I need to be doing daily along with my lumbar extensions and then recommended I go home and take a nap. As I have a day off from work today she also recommended that I just wake up naturally without setting an alarm. I headed home and followed the advice, also placing a hot water bottle around my L3 and promptly feel fast asleep for about two hours, I felt massively refreshed when I woke up but I decided to stay horizontal and watch some big game fishing documentary that happened to be on the Quest channel. When the show started wrapping up I began to consider watching a little more TV and generally bumming around but this was overridden by my need to do some form of exercise – I find it very difficult to sit down, lie down, nap or relax for any length of time! I got up and headed out to the pool and to my surprise when I arrived I was the only swimmer in the entire pool and it remained that way for my entire 20:06 1km swim. I only saw other people entering the pool as I made my way up to the sauna and steam room.

Both the sauna and steam room had people in but, unusually, everybody seemed content to sit in their own little bubble and not babble on with constant small talk – it was wonderful to sit there in the sauna, in silence for 25 minutes! For the entire 25 minutes I sat thinking about how best to arrange my trip to France/Italy/Switzerland for next year’s UTMB and hopefully to race in the inaugural OCC. I realised as I sat there that I have no real idea of how best to organise such a trip – do I base myself solely in either Orsières, Champex or Chamonix or do I spread myself over 2 locations, for instance at the start line in Orsières or the finish line in Chamonix?! I’ve decided that the best way for me to get the answers to this, and other, pressing questions would be for me to write a post on the blog asking for some input from any of my readers who have ran the UTMB or CCC in the past – keep your eyes peeled for this as I’ll most likely be posting either later today or some point tomorrow!

That’s it for this post though dear reader, I am off out to enjoy my day off with a friend I’ve not seen for quite some time and then to eat a steak dinner with my Dad 🙂 Tomorrow, I’ll be taking myself out for yet another test run and I’m hoping that my L3 will decide to play the game, thus letting me get back in the game!

Peace & Blessings x

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