Wednesday 2nd October 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Motionless in White – ‘Creatures’

4.18km 17:14 (Injury test run. Result: negative but improving)

I woke up and decided it would probably be a good idea to go for another injury test run, I figured if I felt no discomfort then I could save myself some money by cancelling my physio appointment tomorrow. Alas, it didn’t quite turn out that way!

I can’t say it was a bad run at all! It felt great to be back out running on the road to nowhere with no specific distance or time in mind, I was just going to run until I felt pain or discomfort in my back/ITB/knee – heck, if I’d have felt nothing I have no doubt I would have done at least a ten miler! Unfortunately though I did feel something twinge at around 1.9km which is an improvement on the 1.7km on my last injury test run and an improvement still on the 1.4km I registered on the test run before that – positives from negative people, positives from negatives! Normally when I feel the twinge the discomfort around my knee quickly follows, it feels like a tightening/stiffening of the joint and it makes it hard to run with my normal gait. However, today the stiffening and discomfort didn’t make their appearance until about  a kilometre later and I have to say it really wasn’t as bad as my previous test runs! That said, I didn’t want to push it and set myself back so I decided to head for home hence why I didn’t run a 5km or longer route – I decided to check out the injury on road instead of trail today and I think I made the right decision in cutting back and heading home when I did because running road, as we know, causes a bigger shock to the system with each footfall due to the unforgiving nature of tarmac and pavement.

I got back to my front door but I didn’t feel down, angry, upset or any of the negative emotions that I’ve come to associate with finishing an injury test run. I actually felt good, my time for the distance I covered was not bad at all and the discomfort I’d been feeling when I was running started to subside almost immediately after stopping. After downing some water, showering and then eating a healthy breakfast of muesli and banana I texted my physiotherapist to let her know I would be seeing her, as planned, at 0900hrs tomorrow – I’m feeling good about this appointment as I feel it could well be the last one I need to attend for this particular injury. The plan is to swim Thursday, Friday and Saturday and to run another test on Sunday to assess my level of readiness for Pisa in December.

Thank you for taking the time to read through dear reader! Hope everybody is enjoying their day 🙂

Peace & Blessings x

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