Tuesday 1st October 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Merle Haggard – ‘Greatest Hits’

50m warm-up (freestyle)

40x25m 20:06 (freestyle)

50m warm-down (freestyle/breaststroke)

I had a great swim this morning. Not as fast as I’d hoped as I went off a bit too quick and could feel myself going much slower than I would have liked between laps 26 and 34! I like going for early morning, pre-work swim and sauna sessions – if the swim part goes well it really does set me up for a peaceful kind of day, much like when I go for an early morning run.

God, how I miss running. I miss it so much, anyone out there who runs regularly will know the feeling – it’s like withdrawing from an addiction! I did my usual sauna session this morning, 20 minutes and 1 set of 20 lumbar extensions with 1 set of leg lifts for good measure too. When I sat back and started to relax and to visualise myself running like I usually do I could feel that my legs were longing to move, I was so tempted to get up and run on the spot but unfortunately by this point there were two other people in the sauna so I decided to play it cool.

During my journey home all I could think about was how I missed the feeling of the ground moving beneath my feet, the wind in my face and the feeling of sweat rolling down my chest as I run to some undetermined goal! These feelings were exacerbated furthermore when I left my house and headed to the train station for work as I was passed by a runner with good form and pace at the top of a hill – I watched closely and enviously as they pounded their quads on the downhill that stretched before us both and continued to watch as they seemed to glide quickly and elegantly up the other side of this hill and eventually out of my sight! I can’t wait to get back out there and join my running brothers and sisters on the road and on the trails! Here’s hoping Thursday’s physio session does the job 🙂

Hope everybody has enjoyed their respective workouts today! Until the ‘morrow dear reader, adieu.

Peace out x

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