Monday 30th September 2013

As I said at the end of yesterday’s post – today would not be a normal training day because of the Breaking Bad finale!

I must say that although it was a good episode it was weak compared to most of the others from season 1 onwards! I’m not going to write any spoilers or anything but the bit with Gretchen at the start of the episode is amazing. Anyway, that’s all I’m saying about Breaking Bad because this isn’t a TV or critic’s blog and writing about watching stuff on TV has always struck me as a little odd and rather difficult!

After watching the conclusion to the Walter Hartwell White sagas I set off for work. On arrival my L3 was causing me quite a bit of discomfort so I went through to the staff kitchen and stretched out to do 20 lumbar extensions. I have repeated this process two more times during my shift today as well and I can finally say that my back/ITB/knee feels ‘normal’ for the first time today! I’m going to see my physio again on Thursday morning for another round of acupuncture and massage and I’m going to ask for an honest prognosis too becasue I need to know how long it might be before I can run comfortably again. The fact I’ve booked my trip to Pisa is playing heavily on my mind as I know I want to run the marathon but I also know that might cause me more harm than good if I’m not ready for it. If I can be back up and running in the next week or so then I’ll give the full 26.2 my best shot but if I’m going to be out of action for the month of October as well then I’ve promised myself that I will make the decision to switch over to the half marathon.

That’s it for today dear reader. Thanks again for taking the time to read through, it really strengthens my mental game when I see that people are reading about what I’m getting up to 🙂

Peace & Blessings x

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