Sunday 29th September 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Amy Winehouse – ‘Back to Black’ (on the way to the pool)

50m warm-up (freestyle)

14x25m untimed (freestyle)

No warm-down

Yesterday’s run may have felt good yesterday but this morning it was quite the opposite story. It was very obvious from the moment I opened my eyes that my L3 was inflamed and the discomfort from my L3 down to my knee was evidence enough! I did 20 lumbar extensions and then jumped in the shower before limping off to work. It was quite a tough day but luckily I packed my hot water bottle so for the great majority of my desk bound morning I had that rested against my L3 – my leg still felt uncomfortable and stiff but less than it would have without the bottle. I did 20 more lumbar stretches at lunch time too as I was determined not to let the inflammation phase me.

On my way home from work I noticed a marked improvement and much less discomfort and stiffness in my knee – unfortunately not enough to warrant going for another run. This being the case I packed up my swim bag and headed off to the pool and hoped all the way there that it would be open today! On arrival I found, to my great relief, that the pool was open for public use so I headed indoors to get changed. I did my 50m warm-up at a very fast pace and noticed that when I set off there were 3 or 4 people also getting into the 2 lanes set aside for non-club swimmers (Sunday is club day at my local pool). I set off on my usual 1km at my usual pace, aiming for another sub-20:00 but after 8 laps I had to stop and wait for the the other swimmers to find their pace – annoyingly there was one woman who insisted on using a very slow backstroke, one woman who was water walking and then a couple who insisted on swimming as close as possible to one another using a breaststroke. At this point I decided to get my head down and put in 20 laps before heading out to the sauna and steam room…this plan did not come to fruition as I gave up after 6 more laps because there simply was not enough room in the 2 lanes for so many swimmers of differing ability. Sigh.

All was not lost however, I found that the sauna and the steam room were once again completely empty! I enjoyed 20 minutes in the sauna with my eyes closed, visualising myself running over mountains and through deserts and following this relaxing experience I did 15 minutes of quick pacing around the steam room – I would have stayed in for another 5 minutes but my peace was broken by some noisy folk who had just arrived in the health suite. After this I went home and did a little research about volunteering at next year’s UTMB – registration for volunteers doesn’t open until May 2014 and by this point I will hopefully have a confirmed place on the OCC so it might turn out that I don’t do any volunteering – it will all depend on how my race goes!

I’m not sure if I’ll fit any training in tomorrow as I’m on the late shift at work. Usually I’d fit in my swim or run before work but tomorrow is different because I will be glued to my TV at 0900hrs for the finale of ‘Breaking Bad’…!!! [Granted, I will probably do a core workout and some weights whilst watching so I guess you could count that as a stand alone Strength & Conditioning workout]

Until the ‘morrow dear reader, I bid you goodnight!

Peace out x

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