Wednesday 25th September 2013

Workout Soundtrack: The Doors – ‘Greatest Hits’

50m warm-up (freestyle)

40×25 20:04 (freestyle)

100m warm-down (freestyle/breaststroke/freestyle/breaststroke)

I had a dreamlike swim today! I got to the pool to find that the fast swimming lanes were empty – the most remarkable thing is that they remained this way until lap 23 when I was joined by another swimmer. I felt like I was gliding today, I put in a really hard effort for the first 25 or 26 laps and then I felt myself naturally slow as the session went on, there was a a moment around lap 32 when I thought I might actually be swimming on the spot but thankfully that was just a trick of the mind! Without a doubt I would have been on for a sub 20:00 1km had it not been for my goggles steaming up at lap 15 – I had to stop for a few seconds to clear them out before I could continue! I’m hoping when I arrive at the pool tomorrow I find the same level of usage and will go out at a more measured pace with a view to getting as low into the 19:00 1km range as possible.

After my wonderful swim I spent an equally peaceful 18:12 in the sauna – it was extremely hot in there today and I could feel myself becoming a bit light headed when I attempted to do some push-ups and lumbar extensions – I soon decided this was a bad idea and instead sat with my eyes shut trying to visualise mountain and desert scenery. Not a soul entered the sauna while I was in there which is the first time this has happened in ages – clearly the God of calm was on my side today! Following my sauna session I spent 10 minutes pacing around the steam room as I usually do, there was only one other person in there and they were sitting in the corner breathing slowly and seemingly meditating – not a word was spoken between us and so it was that I ended up with an entire swim, sauna and steam room session having not uttered one single syllable. It was bliss, silence is so rare in the modern age!

I spent the afternoon firmly planted in the modern world as I went visited a friend in town. We spent some time over lunch discussing flights and accommodation for Pisa in December and I will be booking these both later today or tomorrow morning! The excitement is building even though I’m still not sure I’ll be fit and injury free. I have considered switching over the the half marathon but I figured I could run as far as I can on the day – it might be 10km it might 13.1 miles, but it could be more or less – only time will tell! Either way, I’m looking forward to visiting a new country and an interesting and historic city not to mention the amazing coffee and pasta that will be available. After lunch I did a little bit of window shopping as I’m in the market for a new winter coat that I can use in the countryside and for general use during the course of my day – I’m currently trying to decide between a Patagonia or a Mountain Equipment jacket – I’ll make my decision and purchase tomorrow!

I’m currently writing this at my Dad’s flat, I have just cooked us a ground beef and pasta dinner which went down very nicely! With that tidbit of information dear reader, I’m off to watch some TV with the old man. Au revoir for now 🙂

Peace out x

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