Tuesday 24th September 2013

Today’s post has more of a focus on my life outside of running and training as I had quite a big interview today. I’ll start by going through today’s workout briefly and then head on to the particulars of my interview – as I’ve mentioned in a previous post I’m never quite sure how much to say about my working life but today it is most definitely pertinent.

I woke up early and I could feel a background nervous energy almost straight away. I mentioned yesterday that I had an interview today and that was very apparent when I woke up!

Fortunately I find exercise of any form a great stress relief and leveller so I jumped out of bed, made a quick cup of coffee and then hit the weights straight away. I did a half hour session of dumbell lifting, 25 lumbar extensions, 50 push-ups, 20 leg lifts and a failed attempt at Russian Twists – a failed attempt because my L3 injury began to flare up after about 5 twists! The end result of this half hour workout was a much more relaxed, focused and ready-for-the-day kind of Ally!

After my shower I took the dog out for a quick walk and then jumped on my mountain bike to visit with my brother for breakfast and a catch-up before heading out to work on the train. During my journey I switched off, listened to some Björk and made a calm space in my mind in preparation for my impending interview for Acting Deputy Manager at the Project where I work. I used a lot of the breathing techniques and mantras that I have learned over my years as a runner to create this clam and clear space in my head and I really felt the benefit when I arrived at my destination – I’m glad I resisted the initial urge to read through the Job Description and Suitability Profile when I first got on the train because that would have just brought back all of my nervous energy from this morning.

Anyway, I feel that the interview went well and afterwards I got some really positive feedback from my manager (who interviewed me alongside her own manager). Unfortunately, I was not selected for the position but I’m really pleased with the effort I put in and the feedback I received. The interview showed me that I am definitely suitable for a managerial role at some point in the [near] future! It will happen for me when the time is right and I know I have the support of my manager to build on my enthusiasm for taking on more responsibility in my current role and, when the time is right, I will have her backing to strike out and make the most of any opportunity that presents itself be that within my current organisation or further afield. I’m happy to report that I do not feel crestfallen or down about losing out on this particular role because so many positives arrived from what could have been construed as a negative – at the end of the day I was up against colleagues who have been with the organisation for a substantial amount of time and I’m glad that I was even given the opportunity to interview because I’ve only been in post for nine months!

Thankfully I now have three days off from work to process the feedback from my interview, to relax a little and, I guess, to come to terms with the fact I didn’t get what I really wanted! Over the next few days I have no doubt I will be spending a lot of time in the pool, steam room and sauna – I wish I could say I’d be going for a long run as that is the best form of relaxation for me but, alas, my L3 nerve is still playing up! Not to worry though, I’ll be visiting with my physio next week for some massage and acupuncture and I’ve no doubt I will soon be back in running action.

With that dear reader, I will bid you adieu. Thanks for taking to time to read through and thanks for your continued support – it is great to see that people read what I write and it keeps me buoyant when otherwise I might feel a little sunken!

Peace & Blessings x


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