Monday 23rd September 2013

Workout Soundtrack: just my cadence and breathing patterns today.

3.03km 12:56 (Injury test run: still injured)

It was odd waking up back at home this morning, I felt a sort of heaviness in my heart that I wasn’t in the Midlands with my family close by! This soon passed though because as I took in my room I saw that I’d left my running clothes out the night before – the first time I’ve done so this month, this could only mean one thing, time for an injury test run.

Instead of opting for my usual 3km trail run for the test I thought instead I would head out on to the roads. That way, if things were going well after about 2km I could extend the run up to 5 or 6km but if not I could easily head home and end the run at 3km (with about 500m to walk if need be). The run started off really well and it felt great to be back out and moving a decent pace, I felt no pain or discomfort in my back or knee and I’m glad I decided to leave my MP3 player at home so I could concentrate on listening to my breathing and footfall with a view to keeping a consistent pace across the distance. However, things changed at 1.7km – I checked my Garmin when I felt something change – I felt a distinctive twinge in my lower left back around what I now know to be the L3 and as soon as I felt it I knew what would be coming next. Lo and behold, I was right, shortly afterwards I began to feel a sort of tightness in my knew. This is a very uncomfortable sensation and actually feel worse than it is – I’ve been assured by my physio that the feeling has nothing to do with a damaged knee it is just the biproduct of my L3 nerve being trapped/pinched.

I went through 1km averaging 4:11 and 2km averaging 4:10 but as my discomfort increased my pace decreased and I finished the final K averaging 4:23. As soon as the Garmin beeped at 3km I stopped running and began to walk/limp the 500m to my front door – I’m glad I was sweating because the people I walked passed will not have noticed that I had tears in my eyes! I must make it clear here, the tears were of bitter disappointment and not because of any sort of pain – as I have mentioned in previous posts, pain for me comes in three levels: soreness, discomfort and pain. What I felt, and to some extent right now feel, is discomfort – I can walk okay, I have a decent range of movement in my back and knee, it’s just that I feel tight and restricted to walking pace. The minute I increase the pace the more the discomfort intensifies and I know if I run through the discomfort it will not dull to soreness, it will just increase to pain and that is something I don’t want to experience because it would signify a deterioration of my physical condition.

I texted my physiotherapist, Anna McCann, when I had showered and eaten and asked for some advice – I am to continue my regime of swimming and lumbar extensions but should try to do 2 or 3 set of extensions per day as opposed to my usual 1 in the morning. Furthermore she recommended that I go for another test run on Saturday and if the discomfort is still present then I am booked in for a massage and acupuncture session at 0900hrs on October 4th which should hopefully free up my L3 and allow me to start training for the Pisa Marathon in earnest once more!

On that note dear reader I am going to sign off. Tomorrow I will be lifting some weights and doing my lumbar extentions in the morning before heading in to work for what I hope will be a successful interview – I am being considered for a temporary Deputy Manager position at my Project so fingers crossed! Send those positive vibes my way people, every little helps 🙂

Peace out x

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