Sunday 22nd September 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Shai Hulud – ‘Hearts Once Nourished with Hope & Compassion’

50m warm-up (freestyle)

.5x25m 00:00 (freestyle)

No warm-down

My last day in the West Midlands and my last chance to swim somewhere new for a while. I got up relatively early and after a night sleeping on the sofa at my Nan’s house I couldn’t wait to get out and stretch my legs and the rest of my body!

I arrived at my Nan’s local pool and the foyer was empty – good start! I paid my entry fee and went to the changing rooms which were also empty – another plus point! However, at this point I noticed I could hear a lot of noise coming from the pool area – oh dear. I soon found out that what I could hear was about 20 families made up of mostly children between the ages of 5 and 10 splashing around in the pool, some swimming widths of the pool, some swimming all over the place. There were about 3 other people in the pool who I could see were trying to swim lengths and get some kind of rhythm going but I noted that they were having to stop once or twice per lap. I decided to set off on my warm up to see how I would get on. I managed to the first lap with no obstruction but on the way back I bumped in to, I think, around 3 or 4 children and 1 parent – at this point I thought I would just begin my 1km swim at a fast pace and people would naturally make way but about half a lap into my first I had stopped twice already! I got out of the pool and asked one of the attendants if it might be possible to cordon of one and a half or maybe two lanes for the few people in the pool who actually wanted to swim lengths – the answer was “No, we can’t do that, you’ll have to make do”.

After missing out on a Sunday snooze this was not the answer I wanted to hear so I promptly went back to the changing rooms, dried off, got dressed and went straight back out the foyer and asked for a refund. The receptionist didn’t quite know what to make of it and said she didn’t think she could do that so I asked to speak to her manager who, amazingly, appeared from the ether in seconds – I explained the situation to the manager and he gave me my money back immediately. I felt gutted because I hadn’t got in a swim the day before either and on top of that, as I mentioned, I’d missed out on a Sunday snooze!

Anyway, I headed back to my Nan’s house and spent the rest of the day helping out in the kitchen and the garden and generally enjoying the company of my wonderful family! I soon forgot about my lack of weekend workouts and enjoyed the day for what it was 🙂 I really wish I lived nearer to my family, if every Sunday was as homely, fun and comfortable as this one turned out to be I think I would probably enjoy my working week that much more knowing that my family would be waiting at the end of it! So it was with a light heart that I got into a taxi around 1800hrs and headed of the Birmingham New Street station to make the 2 hour journey back south with my Dad – we got into the station at Watford around 2130hrs and then took a short bus journey back to Bushey and finished of a family Sunday by having a pint of Guiness together in the pub and then heading over to his flat to watch the weekend’s football highlights.

Tomorrow, dear reader, I am going to attempt my first run since picking up my injury back on September 3rd…fingers crossed it goes well!

Peace & Blessings x

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