Saturday 21st September 2013

Today inadvertently became a rest day as the times for the swimming pools near my Ma and near my Nan’s houses were not conducive to either an early morning swim or an evening swim!

The only exercise I’ve done today is the lumbar extensions recommended by my physio, therefore tomorrow I’ll be going for an early morning swim at the short course pool near my Nan’s and possibly I’ll fit in an evening swim at the 1930’s era 30.5m pool near my Ma’s before catching the train back south. Hopefully after this weekend of swimming, relaxation and lumbar extensions I’ll be back to some kind of running from Monday onwards – I can’t wait!

I’ve spent my rest day enjoying a lot of time with my family! I’ve seen my Nan, one of my uncles, my aunt and numerous cousins during the evening and I spent the morning with my Ma and her partner trying, yet again, to teach my ma how to read and send text messages…she still doesn’t get it!

Anyway, family time is quickly disappearing so I’m going to stop tapping away at my phone and get back to visiting with the Duchess (my Nan)!

I’ll be writing tomorrow’s post from my computer once more – although writing from my phone has been useful for getting my thoughts down it has by no means been easy!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend dear reader! Thanks again for taking the time to read through 🙂

Peace out x


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