Thursday 18th September 2013

It is with relief that I can report I have no knee problems! The discomfort, soreness and pain that I’ve been feeling since my run on 3rd September has all been down to swelling around my L3 nerve which has the capacity to send pain signals all down the left leg – the L3 is the lumbar spinal nerve 3 and is located to the left of the lower back above the coccyx and glute.

I now know this thanks to a great physiotherapy assessment and treatment session this morning at Kingsfield Physio in my hometown of Bushey. A big thank you to Anna McCann for being so informative during the session and also for trying out some acupuncture. I cannot explain how relieved I am to have a diagnosis and a few things in my arsenal to combat the swelling and tension around the L3. I’m currently writing this lying on my front with a hot water bottle placed over my lower back – I figured that writing now would be a good way to stop me drifting off to sleep as the acupuncture made me feel really relaxed and very tired. Apparently this is because acupuncture causes a big release of endorphins and because I haven’t had a big dose since September 3rd my body isn’t used to it! So, along with the hot water bottle I need to do 10 to 15 lumbar extensions before I get out of bed in the morning, before I go for a swim and after I’ve been swimming. Anna has asked me to get in touch on Monday to report how I’m feeling and with any luck she should be recommending I go for a short (and hopefully successful) test run and then build it up from there – I think if I keep up my prescribed physio routine on a daily basis and keep a positive outlook then I could be up and running properly by the end of next week!

As I’ve said in previous posts this injury has set me back quite a lot in my training for the Pisa Marathon but I’m still determined to make it to the start line and all thoughts of running a 2:55 debut are currently on hold – to be quite frank I’ll be happy to finish with a sub 3:30 after this set back! The future holds many more marathons I hope so not reaching my A-Goal at the first attempt is not a set back but more of an indication of my ambition and determination to run fast and then a bit faster still. After all a sub 3:30 debut for somebody who only took up running in 2011 is not bad at all and, who knows, maybe I’ll surprise myself (and a few others) and actually managed to run sub 3:00 at the first attempt…time will tell!

With that dear reader I’m going to sign off [and try not to doze off] before I head out to my late shift! I hope Thursday is treating you all well 🙂

Peace out x

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