Wednesday 18th September 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Björk – ‘Post’ (0n the way to the pool and on the way home)

100m warm-up (freestyle)

4x25m untimed (freestyle)

No warm-down (read on, read on…)

I’m feeling pretty tired today as I got a phone call last night asking if I could swap what would have been a late shift today to an early shift. I obliged as I’m a pretty obliging kind of guy most of the time! This did mean that I had to change around my routine a little bit for today and also meant I got about four hours of sleep last night but it doesn’t really matter in the end – I’m glad to help out when I can, it’s what being part of a team is all about!

I thought I might skip a swim this evening after work and instead go out for an hour plus power hike with the dog. Alas, Loki had other ideas, it seems that he doesn’t want to leave the house at the moment except to go into the back garden – he resolutely refuses to cross the threshold of the front door at the moment. He goes through phases like this and I have to really try hard not to get overly frustrated by it! I battle with guilt thinking that he should be out there going for a run without a leash on and he should be able to stretch his legs on a daily basis but at the end of the day if he doesn’t want to go, he doesn’t want to go – unfortunately I don’t have all of the hours in the day to persuade him and my canine powers of persuasion leave something to be desired anyway! I’ve tried dragging him, coo-ing to him (like a baby), I’ve tried coaxing him with mackerel (his favourite food), I’ve tried coaxing him with a number of other different foods, I’ve tried jogging, walking backwards…the list goes on but the fact still remains – I have a very temperamental and willful dog that does what he wants, when he wants and only if he wants! Power hike fail for today but I’ll try again tomorrow after physio (if I’m in any shape to do so)!

I didn’t give up completely on getting a workout/active recovery session in today though! Nope, that would have been a negative arising from a negative and I am always one to try and draw out as many positives from a situation as I can (at times this can lead to tenuously labeling things as ‘positive’, when in reality, they are not at all)! The positives arising from my failed power hike attempt being I had a bit more time to devote to going to the pool and hitting the sauna and on the way there I thought of a cunning plan to get the dog out later on – I’ll take him down to visit my Dad once this has been posted – Loki has a kind of sixth sense so he knows when he’s going to see my old man and he never misses an opportunity to do so for some reason?!

So, my swim went…well, it didn’t really go anywhere at all actually. The pool was choc-a-bloc with slow swimmers – I managed my 100m warm-up but at such a slow stop/start pace that it didn’t really count and then managed 2x25m without any interruption and a further 2x25m during which I had to literally stop  because I couldn’t get around the slower swimmers. I took a deep breath when I get to what was effectively lap 6 of my normal 40 and decided it would probably be best for my mood if I just got out of the pool and headed to the sauna instread. Swim fail. Off I went up to the sauna to find that it was occupied by around 6 people but thankfully I found a corner spot and nobody was having a sort of conversation – I think I may have lost my temper if I didn’t get some peace and quiet at this point! I sat there in my own world and checked my watch occasionally, I noticed after 13 minutes that I was having no troubles at all and just stayed sitting there staring ahead into nowhere! After 20 minutes I was still perfectly comfortable – obviously I was hot but I wasn’t even close to thinking about getting out for a cold shower break. Usually I’ll manage between 13 and 16 minutes before I need to do this but usually I will have swam between 1km and 1 mile in the pool beforehand which obviously increases my heart rate and makes me feel tired – it seems with a normal, fairly rested heart rate and no prior workout I can stay in the sauna way past my usual threshold! In the end I stayed in for 27 minutes and had it not been for the fact I needed to get home to eat some dinner and visit with my Dad I think I would have happily sat there for another 15, possibly 20 minutes, or more! I’ll test this in future should I suffer another swim fail!

With those words I’ll wrap up today’s post. Not the best of  workouts to follow a rest day but probably not so bad considering I have a physio appointment tomorrow. Here’s hoping the physio can provide some sort of diagnosis and some plan to rectify the situation – let’s face it, swimming in a noisy indoor pool environment is no substitute for running outdoors in the [relative] peace and quiet!

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