Tuesday 17th September 2013

Today has been a rest day, well, relatively speaking it’s been a rest day as I went to work on the Early shift – nope, still not won the lottery! Ah, a lottery win, that would be great – I’d love to become a full time runner and philanthropist…I’ll keep on dreaming!

Anyway, I’ve had a very relaxing post-work day. I spent a lot of time cooking and listening to the football and just sitting by the window watching the rain and the clouds. I really enjoy the sound and sight of rain – I also love to run in it when I’m able! Alas, being unable I just stood outside for a short while letting it soak into my hair and clothes. That might sound weird to some of you out there and maybe it is a little weird but I never claimed anywhere that I was ‘normal’. I can feel a digression and a meandering post discussing what constitutes normal coming on…nope, it’s passed, I’ll save that for another day and post it under my ‘General Post’ category!

I guess I can characterise today as overall positive – I’m very happy to have put my disconnected Sunday behind me and carried on from yesterday’s happy and productive day, it seems that I most certainly started the week as I meant to go on. To keep it positive, tomorrow I’ve got another swim and sauna session to look forward to and Thursday I have my initial physio assessment and treatment in the morning before heading off for my last day of work because on Friday I’m heading off to visit my Nan and my Ma back home until Sunday. On that note, I should inform you that my posts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday may look slightly different than usual – they will most definitely be short and sweet – as I’ll be posting directly from my HTC One-X…I’ll be interested to see what they look like on a real computer when I return to my abode on Sunday evening!

On a final note, I’d like to say a really big thank you to Meghan Hicks! I wrote Meghan an e-mail on Wednesday just to say thank you for writing such informative and enlightening posts about her experiences at the Marathon des Sables over the years and, obviously, to congratulate her on winning it this year! Meghan’s posts have really helped me to express to my non-running friends and colleagues why running is so fantastic – the community, the travel, the experiences, even the low points like injury/illness and the tough points like hard training blocks and racing with everything you need strapped to you – Meghan seems to be able to express it in a way that engages non-runners like no other blogger I know! Anyway, I got a very kind and friendly response from her this evening and I am pleased to say that it seems I have told Meghan about a desert race she didn’t know about – she let me know that she will now be Googling Le Treg to find out more about it…watch out Chad! Furthermore, the thing I found most touching is that she has offered to answer any specific questions I might have as my adventure begins to take shape – that really does mean a lot, it’s so great to know that such an accomplished ultrarunner is willing to take the time to share knowledge and experience with a complete novice like myself – it is a perfect example of the ‘running community’ that I seem to mention quite often here on the blog!

So, that’s all for today folks! Thanks for taking the time to read through – much obliged 🙂

Peace & Blessings to one and all x

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