Saturday 14th September 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Jefferson Airplane – ‘The Essential Hits’ (on the way back from the pool)

50m warm-up (freestyle)

30x25m (freestyle)

100m warm-down (50m breaststroke/50m freestyle)

No real distance covered on today’s anticipated power hike as, yet again, I got out of bed late and decided to do some life admin before anything else: house work, changing bed linen, calling my Nan and my Ma and going out to get some shopping for the week ahead.

From the minute I woke up today I felt great. My leg and back are giving me no trouble at all and I seem to have a full range of motion. I risked taking my mountain bike out to pick up my weekly shopping and found that I could ride absolutely fine – uphill, on the flat and downhill without so much as a twinge of discomfort, not a sign of pain or an inkling of soreness!

After returning from shopping I had a quick lunch consisting of a banana and a cup of coffee and then headed off to the pool with my housemate. For once when we got in there we noticed there were 3 lanes set aside for serious swimmers and only two people in there! I took full advantage of this and immediately changed my mind about the workout I was going to do. Originally I planned to take it easy and do an untimed 30 lap swim as I had done earlier in the week but instead I opted to get the watch on and to time myself over 40 laps/1km. I didn’t push myself too hard, as evidenced by the time I logged, but I really enjoyed being able to get into an uninterrupted rhythm – my housemate set off first and we passed each other at the middle point of the pool on pretty much every lap until the end of the swim. For want of a better word, it was lovely, a swim that I enjoyed from the first stroke to the last! I haven’t had a swim like it for a few weeks due to either heavy limbs, an overcrowded pool or a bit of both. After the swim my housemate and I headed to the steam room – he stayed in for 20 minutes doing his yoga thing whilst I did my usual pacing. I paced for 10 minutes and then sat for 5 minutes and paced the final 5. At this point my housemate decided to head on home and so I went over to the sauna via an ice cold shower.

I know there is no pressing need to acclimate to desert heat as I’ve not even been guaranteed a place at either of the Marathon des Sables that I’ve registered interest for but I reckon the sooner I start the better! I’m going to try and work in at least 2 sauna sessions per week and I’m going to build up from my base tolerance level which I discovered today is 12 minutes before I need to get out for a short break – and that’s with no core workout going on, no pacing, no running on the spot! Nope, just sitting for 12 minutes is enough at the moment. So, I’m aiming to raise my sitting tolerance to 25 minutes before I start to even think about working out in the sauna, I plan to increase my time in there by 3 minutes (or thereabouts) per week until I hit the 25 minute goal. Then, of the 25 minutes I will aim to do 3 to 5 minutes of one or other workout mentioned above until I’m able to workout for 15 of the 25 minutes in the sauna. At this point I’ll be looking to extend my time in the sauna by 5 minute increments every 2 weeks with a view to being able to handle an hour at a time! That is obviously a long way off but I reckon it’ll be worthwhile should I get a spot at the Marathon des Sables in the near future!

On returning from the pool and the sauna I put together a delicious fruit and almond milk smoothie and then decided to write this before taking Loki out on his daily constitutional. After we’re done walking in the fields I’m going to visit my Dad and cook us some fish and rice for dinner – so far it’s looking like today is going to have been a nice relaxing day with a mix of workout, relaxation and family time! Tomorrow I intend to get the pack on and get the dog out to cover some mileage. Depending on what time I go to bed I might get up just before sunrise to get the power hike/easy run done early – it means that when I come back I can have a bit of breakfast and then have a nap before heading over to the pool and the sauna in the late afternoon. I guess we’ll see what tomorrow brings!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend thus far, until the ‘morrow I bid you good day dear reader 🙂

Peace out x

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