Friday September 13th 2013

When I woke up this morning I could hear the rain drumming on my windows and I knew that it was going to be another one of those days where I would be struggling to get my dog out of the door for his walk! For some reason he really does not like walking when the rain is falling, he can also seem to sense when it might rain and refuses to leave the house at those times too – after the rain has fallen and has stopped, we get no problems at all!

Unfortunately I found myself waking up quite a bit later than I usually would and so I ended up resolving to lift some weights and do a little stretching before eating breakfast, showering and heading out for work. Clearly yesterday at work tired me out! I did try and get Loki to go out for a short power hike but I must admit it was a half hearted attempt, shamefully at the first sign of resistance from him on the doorstep I gave up and decided that today would be a rest day for both me and the dog in terms of training/exercise/cardio. Thankfully for us both I have tomorrow and Sunday off so I’m hoping to go out on a long power hike/fast pack with him – hopefully on both days but, if you hadn’t already noticed, that kind of depends on the mood Loki is in on any given day!

In other news today: my injury seems to be healing quicker than I’d anticipated! I’m not kidding myself though because I know if I rush back to running too soon then I’m more than likely going to be out of the game for far longer than necessary. Today I’ve felt a lot less in the way of pain, discomfort or soreness anywhere really – walking has been far easier, I’ve had no trouble negotiating stairs or inclines and declines out on the pavement! It seems that whatever was occurring in my lower back is receding, that is where I have noticed most improvement and that is where I now believe my ITB/knee troubles emanated from…only time will tell. I’ll review the situation after this weekend’s power hikes and pool/sauna sessions (I’m planning on swimming on Saturday and Sunday as well) and hopefully I’ll be able to report a favourable result on Monday!

Yesterday I learned about The North Face OCC 50km race that is due to take place during UTMB week next year and today after a little bit more research and uhm-ing and ah-ing I’ve decided to pay my €50 depost on December 19th and enter in the ballot for a spot on the starting line! It’s exciting to have added another A-race to my schedule for next year and I’m really looking forward to going out to Chamonix whatever the result of the ballot – I’ve got a reminder in my Google Calendar set for 24 hours before the ballots are due to open and I intend to be at my computer ready to get in there quickly so fingers crossed!

Peace and blessings for the day dear reader, I’m signing off for today. Until the ‘morrow, ciao!

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