Thursday September 12th 2013

As you will see from the post that follows this one, today has been quite interesting and full of intellectual, philosophical and professional quandaries…however, this post is about what I’ve done today to prepare for running the Pisa Marathon in December even though I’m temporarily out of action on the running front!

I walk my dog every day, well, every day that my dog wants to walk anyway. This morning was one of those day’s where Loki was being temperamental on the walking front. Sometimes I can get him out of the front door and he will pull me in the direction he wishes to walk and sometimes he refuses, utterly refuses, to cross the threshold! Today was the latter. But today, I really felt the need to get out and get some form of exercise in before heading out to work. In fact, I’ve resolved to power hike every day until I can run again. That could mean power hiking on pavement or across fields – it largely depends on where Loki wants to go on any given day! So, therefore, dog walking has now become training!

Seeing that this morning Loki was in one of his temperamental moods I decided I would persist, more so than usual. This involved standing on the doorstep with Loki at the end of the leash and every so often attempting to make a forward motion in a bid to get the walk underway. It took seven minutes before he decided to take a few tentative forward steps and then another five before he noticed another dog walking on the other side of the road. This was the decisive moment, Loki lurched forward and really wanted to get over there to say hello to his canine friend! He took the lead and I followed and soon we were making our way to our local fields for some power hiking!

Once in the fields Loki gets let off the leash and is able to frolick in the wet grass and the mud and to snuffle around as much as he pleases. Meanwhile, I’m powering on trying to keep up a pace and to push myself into recovery! This morning the pain subsided enough for me to say that I’m now feeling sore which for me means I’m not in pain. No, I’m just feeling the effects of running a little too hard, a little too early on in my training plan. Hallelujah! That said, I’m still booking in to be seen by a physio as I want to make absolutely certain that the possibility of long term knee, ITB and/or back damage is not on the horizon. I’m going to show utmost discipline and power hike, swim and work on my core and upper body until I feel able to run comfortably again! I know that this really is setting me back with regard to where I want to be in terms of time goals for the Pisa Marathon in December but time isn’t everything – life is an ultramarathon – take it steady and you’ll get there in the end!

With regard to my future racing schedule I’ve had some positive news today because I learned that one of my potential 2014 races does carry 2 points for the CCC as well as the UTMB and furthermore I also learned that as of next year there will be a 50km sister race alongside the UTMB, CCC, TDS and PTL! The race will begin in Orsières, Switzerland and run through Courmayer, finishing in Chamonix – it has no points requirement for entry and promises 1 qualifying point for the following year’s UTMB for those that finish within the cut-off. I think it’s fair to say that I’m going to be taking a closer look at this and considering an entry – I had planned to be in Chamonix next year to volunteer at an aid station on the UTMB route so it would work out favourably! Watch this space dear reader!

That’s it for today folks. Thanks again for taking the time to read through!

Peace & Blessings

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