Saturday 7th September 2013

Workout Soundtrack: – (just the wind and the birds)

5.29km 26:02 (Pisa Marathon, Session 13, Easy)

On the one hand I’m extremely happy to have got out and about after work this evening! On the other the run confirmed that there is something not quite right in my lower back and it is causing me to adjust my gait, which in turn is causing me pain in my left leg!

The run wasn’t bad for the first 3km, I ran the entire 5 and a bit K at easy pace and really enjoyed listening to the wind in the trees and the evening birds chirrping. After the pain in my lower back resurfaced at about 3.2km I decided to carry on along the trail and loop back to my door – I reckoned it would be about 5km in total (and I was right) – along the way I put in a few bursts of speed to see how my back and my leg would react and funnily enough I noticed the increased pace equaled decreased pain/soreness! I just can’t figure that out in all honesty!

I will add, again, that I’m not phased by this development as I believe it is just my body readjusting to running regularly, day in, day out. I have an hour sports massage booked in for tomorrow afternoon and I reckon that should do the trick of loosening whatever it is in my back that’s causing me discomfort during my runs! I’ve had this pain before in previous training cycles and just ran right through it and out the other side – after a few weeks of discomfort it tends to pass but this time I’ve decided to divert some cash at the problem to see if that will clear it up any quicker…I hope it does because I’m really looking forward to progressing through my training plan to longer and faster runs (as regular readers will know; guys, I’m very sorry if that’s becoming a bit of a repeated mantra!).

Well, that’s it for today’s post. Expect a bit of a longer post tomorrow as I’ll have the time to sit back and waffle on. I would do that this evening but I really need to head out to one of my best friends stag parties…like, about an hour ago!

Au revoir for now my friends! Peace out 🙂

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