Friday 6th September 2013

Eleven hours unbroken sleep last night! Eleven blissful hours! I slept through all of my early alarms and was finally woken by my ‘last chance saloon’ alarm – this gives me an hour and a half to get ready to get out of my house for the late shift (via an hour spent with my Dad).

Obviously, getting up late means I didn’t do a workout this morning. Getting back around 2300hrs tonight with an 0530hrs wake up tomorrow means I won’t get one in tonight either! I am glad to say that I managed to fit in some dynamic stretching this morning and I’ve been getting up and walking around the office every half an hour or so today. All in all a really good day, I’ve felt relaxed and pretty much ‘recovered’ – enough recovered that I feel able to say I’ll be going for an easy paced trail run tomorrow after work. I’m looking forward to that more than I can adequately express and frankly, if I feel a bit achey afterwards it doesn’t matter because I’ll be getting a sports massage on Sunday afternoon.

It’s looking like it’ll be a good weekend (work aside!): post-work run tomorrow, one of my best friend’s stag parties in the evening and a day off work on Sunday with a massage thrown in for good measure! With that very short post I shall leave you for the day dear reader, I’ve got a train to catch (I’m writing this towards the end of my shift).

Peace and blessings one and all 🙂

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