Thursday 5th September 2013

Hurrah! I had a decent sleep last night – the first one I’ve had in a long time. It certainly made my working day a lot easier that’s for sure and I woke up feeling far less sore and aching than I have done for the past couple of days.

My lower back still hurts and I’m getting soreness in my knees (it changes which one from hour to hour) which is a direct result of the back problem. I called a Physio Centre  at 0930 to arrange for a massage this evening. I hadn’t heard from them by 1230hrs so I called back and was informed my details had been passed on to their sports specialist masseuse, apparently I should expect a call from them before 1700hrs to arrange an appointment. 1600hrs came and I heard nothing so I started to call around other [read: more expensive] Physio Centres close to my home – this led me nowhere as either they were fully booked or really, really expensive!

By the time 1700 rolled around I was on the train home and I knew I wouldn’t be hearing from anyone today. I resolved the drop in to the clinic on my way home and ask what had happened – I actually want to go here not just because of the cost issue but because it is a small, independent and long running (no pun intended) local institution! I arrived at the Centre at 1730 to be greeted by a rather stressed looking acupuncturist (go figure?!) who seemed rather flustered that I had shown up with no appointment. After some time she came from the office with a bunch of numbers for people I might like to try calling direct who sometimes work from the centre, I thanked her and apologised for interrupting her client appointment.

So, here I sit having what I would describing as withdrawal – I feeling irritable, a bit snappy and very much in need of a beer considering I can’t head out for a run! I did think about heading to the pool for a kilometre swim but I didn’t think I would handle it too well if I got there to find the lanes full of kids, old people, slow swimmers…or, God forbid, all of the above!

[…heads off to fridge and returns a bit calmer and with a Red Stripe in hand]

I’ve e-mailed two sports masseurs and I hope to hear from them by the end of the day tomorrow. It’s kind of difficult to arrange appointments that are mutually beneficial due to my shift patterns but I’m determined to get this massage done so I can get back out there running! In the meantime I’m following a 15 minute stretching routine in a bid to stay flexible and supple and I’m also working a little on upper body by lifting some dumbbells – as I said yesterday it’s about time I started to focus on my strength and muscle workouts to improve my overall running standard!

So, beer in hand, I’m off to eat my dinner and then do some research on running packs for ultras and long training runs…I have my eye on two and I have a feeling that before I hit the hay this evening one of them will be being prepared for dispatch to my address 🙂

Peace and blessings everyone,  and make no mistake, I will be posting on the ‘morrow as usual.

[Addendum: I received a phone call from a masseuse at 1910hrs, shortly after signing off on this post, I’m now booked in for an hour session on Sunday 8th September at 1530hrs. Made my day and wiped away my withdrawal symptoms  that’s for sure!]

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