Wednesday 4th September 2013

It’s been quite a tough day. I didn’t sleep well again so I’m going to be looking into what I can change in my routine or my diet to improve that because bad sleep has been bothering me for weeks!

Aside from the tiredness as the day has gone on I have found it more and more difficult to walk properly – I’m fine going uphill or upstairs but on the flat and on the downhill I’m limping and adjusting my stride quite a lot. It seems that I may have underplayed the pain I was feeling yesterday! At this point I need to make clear that I’m not injured, I’m just a quite sore – there is a difference! From what I can sense I reckon I may have trapped a nerve on the left side of my lower back. My bath last night helped a little with the soreness and I’m writing this having just got out of another 40 minute epsom salt soak – it hasn’t helped so much this evening though but I’m going to be trying for an early night again tonight which should assist with the recovery.

It does look like I won’t be running until Saturday or Sunday but I’ll be in the pool tomorrow and Friday – I am hopefully going to be getting a massage on my lower back and legs tomorrow evening but I might have to wait until Monday, Tuesday at the latest. If it’s Monday then I won’t be back running until some point next week. I’m not very happy about it but I have learned from past mistakes that pushing on when my back feels like this generally ends badly for me. I’m in Week 4 of my 18 week marathon training cycle so it won’t hurt too much to miss a few workouts as long as I keep up my cardio by swimming.

When I do get back to running it’s going to be a week of going easy and probably mostly off road – week 6 is supposed to be the start of interval training and longer tempo runs but I may have to push this back to week 7, I’ll just have to go by how I feel after my massage. Additionally I think my body is telling me a need to work a little harder on my strength and conditioning, particularly with regard to my dorsal and core muscles. I have to admit that, so far, I’ve neglected my core and dorsal workouts and it’s just me being purely lazy and lackadaisical about it – this back problem is the wake up call I needed to shape up, work a bit harder, focus and be more disciplined about my non-running/cardio workouts!

With that I’m off to cook some quinoa, liver, onions and broccoli after which I will be settling down to read a few chapters of the 2nd Inspector Wallander novel; ‘The Dogs of Riga’.

Peace out dear reader! Until the ‘morrow, adieu.

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