Tuesday 3rd September 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Nirvana – ‘MTV Unplugged’

8.01km 34:03 (Pisa Marathon, Session 12 Tempo/Intermediate/Tempo)

I had four hours sleep last night as I was catching up with a friend and sorting out my finances for my trip to Australia next year – a lot of planning and talking…and catching up on a few episodes of ‘Dexter’!

I woke up feeling not too bad and headed out to work. It has been a long but positive and productive day over at the Project and I left definitely feeling the lack of sleep but also buoyant thanks to the great catch up with my friend last night and the great day at work – I was most certainly looking forward to my run!

I got home, downed some water and then headed out for what should have been an easy paced run. Unfortunately, my buoyancy and the need to shake out my tiredness meant I went off a little too fast. As I’ve mentioned previously on the blog I find it very hard to slow down when this happens, if I was to pick my running weakness it would probably be sticking to slower paces and I really need to work on this if I’m going to run decent ultramarathons! Anyway, I ran at tempo for about 4 or 5km and then really started to feel it in my legs as they became quite unresponsive when I was trying to keep the pace up. I ran through 6 and 7 klicks at intermediate pace and then decided, foolishly, to push really hard for the final kilometre which happened to be uphill – my second fastest kilometre of the run at 4:02 (the 2nd K was 4:01). As soon as my Garmin beeped for the 8km mark I pulled up straight away and immediately felt very tired, I crouched down and sucked air for probably a minute and a half! I was still about 1.5km from home so I jogged that home between my easy and recovery paces. Not enough sleep and not enough fuel in the tank today me thinks.

As I was nearing home I felt quite a bit of discomfort in my left knee and pelvis. Both of my calves felt very tight too – I wasn’t worried about it though because as I’ve mentioned before I know it’s just my body adapting to what I’m starting to put it through again! Frankly, feeling that kind of soreness is also a great excuse for a hot epsom salts bath – I lay in there for about 40 minutes listening to a Mike Wardian interview on TalkUltra podcast – very relaxing. I’m now sitting here typing this with my compression socks on and getting ready to eat a large amount of wholewheat pasta with a turkey breast. I’ll most certainly be in bed by 2200hrs tonight and I have a feeling I’ll sleep like a baby!

Tomorrow my marathon plan calls for a rest day and I think I may actually heed that and just chill! No swimming, biking or running but most definitely a full day at work followed by a slow dog walk!

So that’s it for today. I’m off to eat and watch ‘The Toughest Race on Earth

Peace & blessings 🙂

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