Monday 2nd September 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Jake Bugg – ‘Jake Bugg’ (on the way to the pool and on the way home)

6x25m untimed

Today was a good day – I had a lie in and then enjoyed a pleasant walk with Loki before cruising around on my mountain bike for a while aimlessly! I ended up at my Dad’s where we had lunch and a good long chat about life and the universe. It has been exactly what I needed as last night I had a very long journey home from work because of a suspension of train services (somebody had been hit by a train), I had to get three buses home and it took over two hours! After I left my Dad’s I decided I’d get my workout of the day in and head to the pool, at this point things went slightly awry…

I arrived at the pool this evening and as I went to get changed it looked like there was a good rhythm going in the lanes meaning I’d be able to fit in there and get on with my usual 30 or 40 lap swim without disturbing anyone or without anyone disturbing me.

Unfortunately, when I dropped into the pool I realised this was not the case. Firstly there were two very young kids around the ages of 8 and 10 splashing about in the middle lane and then swimming laps (and very slowly) around them were about 5 or 6 older women, two of whom were doing backstroke at a busy time of day – there are signs that clearly ask swimmers not to do this. I set off on my warm up which is usually a fast 100m freestyle. It was not fast. Nor was it freestyle.

Instead it was a stop/start breaststroke/freestyle/whatever I could manage in the very limited space I had. I looked over the lifeguard who would normally get up and come and have a word – he looked to be more interested in texting or tweeting or whatever he was doing on his phone. Therefore I waited for a couple of minutes to see if anybody would speed up or move over to the ‘general’ swimming lanes. That didn’t happen. I decided I would just bulldoze up and down the pool at full speed ahead to see if that might encourage the others to move over or swim faster. It did not. I gave up, got out of the pool with a scowl towards the lifeguard (who really should have adjusted the lane barriers to take into account there was a faster swimmer in the pool) and headed to the steam room. The steam room was no better, I stayed in there and paced ten of my usual 20 minutes but I really had to leave after that because two ‘gentlemen’ (and I use the term lightly) were discussing their view on Islam – I’m not going to go into detail but some people are just purely ignorant and downright racist.

At this point I was going to write about some stuff I was thinking about at work and on the way home yesterday but I’ve decided to write a separate post about this stuff instead! Click here to read it.

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