Saturday 31st August 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Rob Zombie – ‘The Systematic Dehumanisation of Cool’

7.42km 35:55 (Pisa Marathon, Session 10. Easy 6.42 + 1km Tempo)

I woke up around 0915hrs feeling very much refreshed and with no trace of illness or sickness from the past few days! As soon as I was out of bed I pulled on my shorts, vest and running socks and went to put the the kettle on for my pre-run coffee.

The weather outside was beautiful and I spent about 45 minutes sitting in my garden and following the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc via iRunFar’s live tweets. This year it has been an awesome and competitive race made even more exciting because the course didn’t have to be modified due to weather, avalanche or mud slide! I’m not going to write extensively about UTMB (click here for a great roundup) but I was was pleased to see Jez Bragg (The North Face) representing the UK in the top 10. However, on the flip side I was gutted to see Anton Krupicka (New Balance) drop out with about 30km to go – no worries Tony, there’s always next year! I will also pay brief homage to the first male and the first female to finish as they both took their respective gender course records down! So, congratulations to Frenchman Xavier Thevenard (ASICS) for finishing in 20:35 and even bigger congratulations to the USA’s Rory Bosio (The North Face) who finished 7th overall and first female in 22:37:26 – a huge chunk off the previous women’s course record of 11th overall in 24:58!!

So, UTMB aside, I’ll fill you in on the details of my easy run. Well, what can I say? The sky was blue, the breeze was light and the sun was shining bright – perfect conditions for a run of any sort! After last night’s impromptu tempo effort an easy run is just what my body wanted this morning. Unlike yesterday I did keep a close eye on my Garmin as I know I have a tendency to run faster than I should and I wanted to keep in my easy parameters! For 6km I did exactly that, I ran very comfortably with no real effort but then I decided I would run the final kilometre at tempo – I smashed it out in 3:55 and was very tempted to continue on for another 6 klicks until I realised I had to get to work this afternoon!

During the easy part of my run I felt quite restricted by the pace and my mind wandered as to how I might make my easy runs feel more rewarding. At the moment my easy runs are meant to be between 4:57 and 5:03 per kilometre but, frankly, I’m finding that a little too slow! I’m considering adjusting all of my paces and lowering the barriers by between 5 and 10 seconds – this would look something like this:

Easy: 4:50 – 5:00

Tempo: 3:55 – 4:10

Long/Marathon Pace: 4:30/4:40

I would aim to keep my recovery runs (which I don’t do very often) in the 5:23 to 5:25 range. This is not set in stone at the moment as I need to have a sit down and calculate what would actually be best for me – I know an easy run is supposed to be just that but I feel that running between 4:57 and 5:03 at the moment is a burden and more difficult than it should be as I find it very hard to run that slow! If I ran between 4:50 and 5:00 then I’d have the leeway to be that little bit faster, and I have to say it’s quite an eye opener to realise that 7 seconds per klick can make the difference! I’ll be reviewing all of this in detail most likely on Wednesday next week and will probably post an updated training plan when it’s done.

That’s it for today everyone. Until the ‘morrow I bid you adieu!

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