My extremely awesome new road running shoes: Inov8 X233.

Friday 30th August 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Marilyn Manson – ‘The Last Tour on Earth’

7.08km 29:30 (Pisa Marathon, Session 9. Tempo)

I got in to work just as the DPD delivery driver was dropping off what looked like a box that could very well contain my new running shoes! This brightened my morning up almost immediately as when I entered the office there sat upon my desk a box with a wrapper around it and my name on the front. I showed great restraint and set it to one side whilst we did the night to early shift handover…as soon as that was done I was at the box like a dog at a bone!

I got the wrapper off and pulled the box out and rather unceremoniously flipped it open to be greeted with, not only my awesome Inov8 Road X233 shoes, but also a packet of my favourite sweeties – Haribo Tangfastics! I held on to my building excitement and put the shoes back in the box and went into the kitchen to make my shift mate and I a cup of coffee so that at least we would have something to wash down the Haribo with. I managed to contain my myself over the next two hours by catching up on e-mail correspondence and ignoring the wonderful box and its contents sitting at my feet! Eventually, my enthusiasm got the best of me and I put them on (along with my racing socks) for the rest of the day – I figured it would be a great way to break them in before heading to Hyde Park after work for the Magic Mile that I mentioned yesterday.

My extremely awesome new road running shoes: Inov8 X233.

My extremely awesome new road running shoes: Inov8 X233. I’m in love.

I had planned to take them out for a short run at lunch time but just before the clock struck 1230 the after effects of Wednesday’s (and most of Thursday’s) sickness began to rear its head. I just bombed out and began to feel really, really lethargic. I tried drinking multiple cups of coffee but this just made my stomach knot up and feel uncomfortable so  I the binned my lunch time run and focused on trying to eat at least a bit of my lunch at my desk – it took an eternity but I managed to finish some beans on toast and regain my composure a little. As the clock ticked towards 1400hrs and the shift handover from early to late approached I realised that there would be no way I could run a flat out, personal best attempt mile after work – I was struggling to stay awake as it was and I just wanted to get home and rest!

Anyway, 1600hrs eventually arrived and I left the office to make my way back. I think I would have felt far worse had I not had my wonderful new shoes on to distract me from the worst of the lethargy, tiredness and stomach discomfort! I drank a lot of water on the commute home and managed to stay awake during the journey – I concentrated on reading my Inspector Wallander novel and listened to some Foo Fighters and it just about did the trick of keeping my mind off binning not only my lunch time run but also my Magic Mile PB attempt. I decided to drop in and see my Dad for a coffee on the way home as he lives right next to the station where I disembark – he soon perked me up and made me laugh but then he said something that made me realise I was going to run no matter what this evening;

Dad: “Son, if you’re not feeling absolutely 100% why don’t you just take today off and sleep?”

Me: “Well Dad, it’s because I’m a runner and running is what I do and I get real cranky if I miss workouts for no good reason! I’m not dying, I haven’t broken anything and I had an unscheduled rest day yesterday.”

Dad (with a raised eyebrow): “Hm. I suppose you did, yes.”

I drank a couple of cups of coffee with my Dad over an hour an fifteen minutes, ate a few Rich Tea biscuits and watched some Antiques Roadshow all the while beginning to plan the 4 mile route I would be running after getting home! So, I said my farewells, got home ten minutes later, chucked on my running gear and chugged some water.

I set off intending to follow my planned easy pace 4 miler – I had no desire to run any farther than that today anyway – but quickly ended up running within my tempo range. I was feeling good after about a kilometre (4:23) and decided to keep on and ignore the Garmin. I have been missing going for runs where the only pace monitor I had was how I felt. Occasionally I’d catch a glimpse of the Garmin and see I was running between  3:58 and 4:15 per kilometre and I was absolutely fine with that! My easy run had turned into a tempo. If you ask me, aside from a long run at marathon pace, there would have been no better way to test out my X233! They felt fantastic, from the first step to the last. I finished the run with no blisters and no discomfort which is something that has only ever happened with one pair of shoes previously – I’m absolutely delighted with my Inov8’s and if you’re out there looking for something light, low profile and breathable I cannot recommend these shoes enough after just one run! I’m really looking forward to ranging out past 10km with them but my Hansons Marathon Method doesn’t call for that until September 15th – until then I’m running no further than 5 miles per workout…bring on the 15th, bring on the repeats, bring on the long runs!

I’m going to leave it there for today. I’m hoping that I’ve managed to run the sickness out of myself today. Additionally, I’m hoping that I’m heading to bed for more than 4 or 5 hours of sleep tonight – I really need to figure out why I’m not sleeping well at the moment because if I continue to sleep fitfully I’m going to be on the fast train to Fatigue Town. Luckily I’m on a late shift tomorrow so I don’t need to be out of bed until 0930hrs.

Goodnight y’all. Hope the weekend runs smoothly for one and all!

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