Thursday 29th August 2013

I have done absolutely nothing strenuous today. This was not how it was meant to be as I was supposed to be at work on an early shift. Unfortunately I called in sick around 01oohrs having spent the previous half hour throwing up!

I went to the pub to see a friend after dinner last night, I was going to have a couple of pints, relax and talk about life outside of running for an hour or two. This plan went very well, smoothly executed! I was home by 2300hrs and in bed shortly thereafter, I did notice on my walk home that my stomach was rumbling and I felt kind of clammy but I just put it down to the fact I don’t drink very often. Alas, this was just the beginning of what would be a very rough night – like I said, around 0030hrs I bolted out of bed and evacuated what felt like all of the fluid from my body! This went on sporadically throughout the night until I finally fell asleep/passed out around 0400hrs. I woke up around 1030hrs feeling very tired, sweaty and dehydrated. Bad beer/dodgy pint, not cool, at all!

I spent the morning lying around watching TV, drinking copious amounts of water and eating muesli to try and get some energy into my system. I couldn’t handle coffee until after lunch time – my first cup of the day didn’t stay down long. Anyway, I won’t go on and on as I feel you get the drift! After lunch I had a long bath and read some of my book (currently reading the first in the Detective Wallander series – highly recommended), afterwards I felt much better and brighter and so decided to go for a long walk with Loki and my housemate. It was a pretty awesome walk, we took a couple of plastic bags with us and must have come back to the house about two hours later with over a kilogram of freshly picked blackberries!

I spent the afternoon separating the big batch of blackberries into smaller batches for freezing. I made a fresh orange, coconut and ginger juice too which tasted like heaven from a glass – I’ll definitely be drinking much more of that! Whilst batching the blackberries, juicing and making smoothies I listened to three great interviews on and by the time I was done I felt like myself again! I think listening to the thoughts, motivations and experiences of Karl Meltzer, Mike Wardian and Dean Karnazes really helped to turn my day right around! I seem to be thinking more and more about ultras at the moment…something tells me that next year could very well see me attempt a 50km somewhere in Europe! (Next year is looking like a big one at the moment: first 70.3, first ultra, 2nd marathon and my best friend’s wedding in Australia – that’s a lot to pack in!)

This evening I’ve also been watching pre-UTMB interviews on – 1630hrs tomorrow and arguably the greatest 100 mile race in Europe kicks off – it’s going to be a great race this year, particularly the men’s field!

Onwards from ultra-speak though because tomorrow evening after work I’m going to be running the Magic Mile in Hyde Park. The Magic Mile is an annual thing put on by the guys at Marathon Talk Podcast and it admirably attempts to put a bit of speed into your everyday person’s marathon training plan. As readers of this blog will know, I don’t much need that as I’m not following an everyday training plan – my plan is based on strength and speed as opposed to predominately strength and distance. I’m really looking forward to getting out there and trying for a personal best – I’ve never timed a flat out mile on road or track before so the only flat out mile measure I have is from my cross country training last year: 5:39. I may have run quicker miles during the latter stages of races but I can’t be sure, in fact I may have run a slightly quicker cross country mile than that during a repeats session! However, that time of 5:39 is the one I have logged on my PB/PR spreadsheet and if it’s on there then that is the one I stick with! I’m hoping to beat that as the surface will be flat tarmac and I’ll be out there with other runners so I’m hoping to use somebody a bit quicker than me as my rabbit [pacer].

Dear reader, I will let you know how the Magic Mile goes tomorrow. I’m hoping for 5:15 so let’s see if I’ve got that in me at the moment!

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