Saturday 24th August 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Johnny Cash & June Carter – ‘Carryin’ On’ (on the way to the pool & on the way home)

4 x 25m warm-up (freestyle)

50 x 25m (freestyle) 29:23

4 x 25m warm-down (breaststroke)

This was one of those workouts that, at first, I thought I would never get through! Actually, scratch that, I never thought I would even get around to doing it at all. I’ve had such little sleep in the past few days that I found myself falling asleep on the train to work and battling extremely hard not to fall asleep on the train home – I tried listening to techno, death metal, indie and Black Sabbath and none of it could keep my eyelids from involuntarily, and heavily, shutting every minute or so!

I’d already decided midway through my shift at work that I would trade up tonight’s easy run for a swim workout instead. My legs felt heavy and unresponsive just walking around today so I reckoned that they deserved a break! So after getting in from work I drank a big cup of coffee (which I swear had no effect), ate a banana and grabbed my swim bag for a slow walk to the pool. I had planned on swimming 1km (40x25m) at a fairly pedestrian pace with a view to focusing on my sighting and stroke technique.

When I got to the pool I noticed that half of the lanes were occupied by slow breaststroke swimmers and the other half occupied by a ‘fun float session’. I wondered how I was going to fair – would I be able to swim around/through the slow guys or would I be able to control a lane on the ‘fun float’ side? Well, I did my warm-up on the slow swimmers side and it wasn’t too much trouble. However, as I finished and did a bit of in-pool stretching about 4 or 5 other swimmers dropped into the lanes! Unperturbed I moved under the lane barrier (the pool was split equally down the middle – 3 lanes to the left, 3 to the right) and into the ‘fun float’ session. What the heck I thought, it’ll be good practice for swimming in the melee of a triathlon swim!

Lo and behold, as I started swimming I found that the parents and kids happily moved over to give me a clear lane. I was so happy I thought I might cry! What lovely people. Anyway, on to the nitty gritty. The first 15 laps of my swim were horrendous as I felt very slow and could not seem to get any sort of rhythm going, this didn’t last long though and I went through 20 laps in around 11:14 which made me feel pretty good. I stopped thinking about how tired I was and just tried to relax into the swim which, after 25 or so laps, I managed. There were a few bumps from a couple of the floats but nothing that really effected my swim and like I mentioned before it’s not always going to be plain swimming out there on the course! I don’t know what time I went through lap 40 (1km) as I had already decided around lap 35 that I would push on through to 50 laps – I swam laps 38, 39 and 40 at the fastest pace I could muster and then went back to my normal kind of pace. I finished the swim with another burst of pace on laps 49 and 50. I was happy to get out of the pool with my watch stopped at 29:23 and with a light heart and a smile on my face!

I then went on to the steam room for my usual 20 minute session. I spent the entire time doing knee lifts, butt kicks and pacing around – 10 rotations clockwise and then 10 anti-clockwise. After 20 rotations I would then do some leg swings and crack on once again with my pacing. I find this is a really great way to end a swim workout as I always feels loose and relaxed afterwards. I didn’t do a plank or any squats today due to the way my legs had felt all day and the fact that the nice warmheartedness of my swim was beginning to fade and tiredness and hunger were beginning to make an appearance!

So here I sit, 1939hrs on a Saturday, drinking green tea with lemon and finishing off a rather large super food salad. Something tells me, dear reader, that I will be in bed by 2200hrs this evening! With that, I bid thee goodnight 🙂

Peace and blessings y’all.


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