Thursday 22nd August 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Jerry Lee Lewis – ‘Greatest Hits’

5.01km 20:31 (Pisa Marathon, Session 4. Tempo)

My first day back at work after four lovely, beautiful days off! The weather represented my mood this morning when I got up – grey skies and rain.

I won’t go into details but today was not a good day. At all. Nothing major, just a conglomeration of minor hitches and bumps from the get go! Anyway, I guess that’s to be expected after having some time off work.

Fortunately I held on to thoughts of yesterday’s workout and pushed on through the day. I think I just about managed to conceal my chagrin (but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear otherwise). Funnily enough, the best thing to come out of my working day was my colleague’s revelation that she really wanted to eat take away pizza this evening! A light bulb clicked on in my head and I thought that sounded like a wonderful idea – it looked as though I would get home much later than usual from work and I wouldn’t really have too much time to make something wholesome after getting back from visiting my Dad and then going for my run.

My run schedule called for a 3 mile easy effort this evening but I felt that would not do my day any justice and wouldn’t do much to help me burn off some of the frustration that had built up. Therefore I decided to change-up and go for my first tempo session of this block. Before setting off I ordered a pepperoni pizza and was informed it would arrive in around 30 to 45 minutes – tres bon, fantastique, says I! Enough time to run the required distance and have a shower before settling down to eat!

The memory of my terrible day was quickly erased after I passed nice and easily through the first K in 4:14, followed by the second in 4:07…I think this negative split got me a little hyped up as I then went through the third kilometre in 3:58! I paid for this shortly afterwards as I started to get cramp in my side, something that happens to me every time I go a little too fast before I’m ready to do so! Never mind, I went through the penultimate K in 4:14. By this point I’d breathed through the majority of the discomfort in my side and had begun to pick up the pace again – so much so that I finished the run with my fastest kilometre of the set! K number 5, completed in 3:55!

I’d gone slightly above tempo pace for 2 out of the 5 kilometres. That is not bad at all, especially as I have a pretty relaxed tempo range of between 4:00 and 4:37 per kilometre! Also not bad when you take into consideration that this is my first tempo effort of this block. As I get more of them under my belt I will eliminate the side cramping and be able to pace my tempos more evenly between 4:00 and 4:07 – the 4:37 top end that I allow myself is just in case I overdo it a little and have to slow for a while over longer distance tempo runs. I’m saving myself for faster paced training for my second marathon at some point next year and also for my 70.3 run training which will begin about 3 weeks after the Pisa Marathon on December 16th.

Anyway, after I’d finished my warm down jog and walked through my front door I smelled pizza – amazing! Oh yes, it turns out that my local pizza delivery man must also be a secret Moto GP rider! I padded into the kitchen to find that my housemate had kindly taken delivery of my order, put it on top of the oven to keep warm and had even put my can of Sprite in the freezer – Tom, you are a top fellow! Hope you enjoyed the pizza as much as I did good sir!

That’s it for today. The moral of the story is: no matter how bad the day may have been a run will usually help you feel that little bit better and a slice of ‘za or two doesn’t hurt once in a while either!

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