Tuesday 20th August 2013

I’ll start this post of by saying that although today has turned into a recovery/rest  day it was not meant to be! I went to bed last night thinking that today was scheduled as rest and recovery  so I slept in and planned what I would do with my day. However, I have just noticed that I was due to run an easy 2 miler as part of my Pisa Marathon training plan at some point today. That said, I figured that as yesterday’s mountain bike session turned into a brick with a just above easy paced 5km run I could give today a miss.

I’m not really a fan of rest/recovery days – especially when the weather is beautiful and perfect for running! Alas, they are just as much a part of a training plan as the workouts themselves and they always do me good and make me feel refreshed. So today I have kicked back, relaxed and not done much at all. Today is also one of my days off work (last day off tomorrow and the back to the grind stone on Thursday morning) so I’m free to do as I please!

I spend a lot of my rest/recovery days watching TV and reading, along with having the occasional mental fight with myself – ‘Stay put Ally, stay right there, no even a plank is not acceptable today!’. That’s exactly what I’ve done today! I’m now up to speed with ‘Breaking Bad’ season 5  so I’ve just started to watch an Irish TV show that has been compared to ‘The Wire’, it’s called ‘Love/Hate’ and I am already hooked! I had to drag myself away from it around 1100hrs so that I could attend to my housework – hoovering, dusting and washing won’t do themselves, after all!

Whilst making my lunch and before returning, zombie like to the television, I thought I’d make a Skype call to my best friend who emigrated to Australia back in April. I miss that fella so much! He is literally like a brother to me, so after hanging up I was feeling a little disconsolate!  With that in mind I decided I needed to get some sort of physical activity (no, not training, just activity) into my day so I called out to Loki (my dog) and we headed out the door for a pleasant hour long stroll in the fields – whilst out and about I also caught up with my Ma, my Nan and my brother on the phone so I felt a little more connected to the world afterwards! My family is great for that, since my best friend emigrated I often feel a little disconnected and they always make me realise that they are never far away.

Anyway, that’s the end of today’s post! I’m off to watch some more ‘Love/Hate’. Who knows, I might even punctuate a few episodes with a chapter or two of ‘A Dance with Dragons’ – I’m getting so close to finishing the current crop of ‘Game of Thrones’ books that I’ve slowed down my reading markedly!

Back to my usual training related post tomorrow reader – I’m off to the pool and the steam room! Until then, au revoir.

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