Sunday 18th August 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Johnny Cash – ‘The Rebel’

6.51km 32:37 (Pisa Marathon Session 3. Easy pace)

I went to bed last night thinking that today I would wake up early and head out on a brick session (mountain bike to Session 3 easy pace run). However, when I woke up having slept through all my alarms I didn’t even want to get up and contemplate a run! For some reason I woke up feeling mentally refreshed (read: not tired) but physically wrecked – I woke with a sore back, sore hamstrings and the arch of my left foot didn’t exactly feel great either.

At this point I began to talk myself into action. I have a memory bank full of mantras, quotes and motivators that I draw on at times like these. The ones I repeated before heading out the door today were:

  1. The minute you quit is the moment you fail.
  2. The person you think you are at the moment is no match for the person you really are.
  3. It never gets easier, you just get better.
  4. No excuses!

Yes, I was feeling a little sore and aching quite badly, but not badly enough to get at least my prescribed marathon workout in! With a heavy heart I put the notion of a brick session to one side and beat myself up about wimping out whilst doing my stretches and drinking my pre-workout coffee!

When I set out on the run all the aches and pains seemed to float away rather quickly and my heart lifted, before I’d even ran the first kilometre I was smiling and feeling glad that I hadn’t backed out of getting in my training today. These feelings were heightened when I hit my split on the first kilometre without even having the think about it! This happened for the next 5.5k’s too – my first workout of this marathon block where I have managed to run within the easy pace window of 4:57-5:03 for every kilometre.

By the time I returned home after my recovery jog there was a slight burning sensation in my hamstrings and my lower back felt a little sore. I don’t see either of these as indicators of injury, I see it as my body readjusting to training – I’ve trained harder and longer before and without proper pacing or any real guidance. This time though everything is a bit more technical, a lot more measured and planned out well into the future. I’ve got contingency plans in place in case of injury and I’m very happy to have finally embraced swimming and mountain biking for those days when running would just not be advisable. Today was not one of those days!

I now have four days off work, my marathon training plan calls for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday as rest/recovery days but with my adaptations this means that Monday will be a bike session, Tuesday will be a recovery day and Wednesday will be a swim day. I do know that I will be spending a lot of time relaxing over the next few days, workouts aside. I intend to finish reading the last book in the ‘Game of Thrones’ series so far and I also intend to catch up with my friends who are all up to speed with Walter White’s escapades in ‘Breaking Bad’, I’m up to episode 3 of season 5 so not much more to go until I’m up to speed!

With that, dear readers, I’m off to make some lunch and listen to some football on the radio!

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