Thursday 15th August 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Umek’s 1605 Podcast mixed by Simon Dotti

4.84km 24:34 (Pisa Marathon Session 1. Easy pace)

I’m on the way! My first training session for the Pisa Marathon on December 16th. I’m using an adapted Hansons Marathon Method and I’ll be posting my schedule and A & B plan pacing charts later today, in case you’re interested.

As well as this being my first foray into serious marathon training I think this morning’s run could also be described as my first ever properly paced easy run! I hit my splits every kilometre (apart from the first), and consequently for every mile too. The first kilometre was very, very strange to me – I started off at what I thought was an ‘easy’ pace but according to my Garmin I was not going at, or near, the prescribed pace as per my training plan. In fact I was going quite a bit faster. So, I over compensated and slowed down. The average pace for my first kilometre split  was 7 seconds above what it should have been but after that I found my stride and settled into the prescribed pace of between 4:57 and 5:03 per kilometre.

For the whole run I felt odd. Odd, but good. Odd because I realised I have spent the past two years doing all of my workouts and runs well above an easy pace which is probably why, in the early days, I was plagued with injury and over tiredness. So this run, although it felt much too slow for me, felt really good – I feel that with correct hydration and nutrition I could run an entire marathon between 4:57 and 5:03 per kilometre without too much discomfort. Not a bad start!

My training plan calls for 5 weeks of easy paced runs to get me used to correct pacing and to strengthen my legs. This five weeks will also give me a chance to work on my posture, cadence and foot placement. I have to say though, I cannot wait for week 6. This begins on September 16th and I will then be working in some speed workouts and tempo workouts – from there on out workouts become longer, harder and faster which suits my overall style and preferences!

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