Monday 12th August 2013

Recovery has done what recovery is meant to do – I feel refreshed and my legs are feeling good to go and ready for the ‘morrow!

I didn’t manage to make it to the steam room today which I’m a little disappointed about. It is for a good reason that I didn’t make it though – my Ma and her partner came down from Birmingham to visit with me, my brother and my Dad from about 1030hrs until 2015hrs. It’s been a good day when all is said and done, we’ve walked my dog together and I’ve watched the athletics with them all and, quite possibly, I’ve converted my brother into a fan!

I’m not really big on short distance sprinting, I define this as 100-200m. Usain Bolt has taken the fun out of it for me, if he’s in the line-up it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion. Maybe not so much at 200m but definitely at 100.

So, I was surprised to find myself really getting into the women’s 100m semis and the Final today along with my Ma who used to run 100yd and 200yd competitively as a school girl. I think I was feeding of her energy and I’ll probably be taking much more notice of women’s 100m (and 200m) sprinting in the future…it’s a shame that I can’t say the same about the men’s 100m though – hurry up Usain, break the World Record and move up a distance or change discipline (or retire!).

Onwards from short distance sprinting then. Anything above 200m and I’m very much interested! Therefore, it was great to see Christine Ohuruogu grab the gold medal at the World Championships this evening and in so doing beat a very long standing National Record – you go girl! It was quite a race to behold – phenomenally close to call!

I’ve also been watching the hurdles events today – 400m H heats and 110m HH semis and Final. I love hurdling as it is such a difficult thing to master, requiring a high level of skill and dedication. Some of the amateur hurdlers I know have taught me that injury is a constant source of worry, so to carry on in the face of that adversity shows real strength of character! It was great to see David Oliver finally getting his hands on some significant jewelery against a very competitive field consisting of the World Record holder/Olympic Gold medalist and the US Champion. I’m now looking forward to the women’s 100m hurdles later in the week – Sally Pearson is one of my sporting heroes and it’d be great to see her add more golds to her War chest!

That’s all for today folks. Hope you all had a great Monday 🙂

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