Sunday 11th August 2013

Today has not felt like much of a recovery day because I still had to wake up at 0530hrs for an Early shift starting at 0800hrs! Oh well, tomorrow is a day off from work and a recovery day so that means I get a bit of a lie in.

Today is also my Dad’s 58th birthday so if you’re reading this Dad – many happy returns! I did go straight from work to his house for a little family gathering. My Aunt, Uncle, cousins and brother took my Dad out this evening for dinner but I opted out as I am far too tired for that kind of social interaction!

After they set off for the meal I settled down to watch the Women’s 10,000m Final from the World Athletics Championships in Moscow. A hot and humid race inside the Luznihki Stadium and another brave display of front running, this time from Japan’s Hitomi Niiya – unfortunately for her Tirunesh ‘Baby Face Destroyer’ Dibaba was on her heels the whole way around along with a strong contingent of Kenyans and Ethiopians. Alas, with about 400m to go Tirunesh set off on her customary blistering final lap to take the Gold and she took the Kenyan and Ethiopian athletes with her. Niiya did manage to finish with a PB of 30:56.70 in 5th but she was distraught after the race – a stark contrast to her compatriot Kayoko Fukushi after taking Bronze in yesterday’s marathon. From what I saw thought, all hope is not lost on Niiya as it looks as though she could easily transition to strong, fast marathoning – I look forward to seeing the day!

After the race I headed out with the dog for a twilight walk around the local fields and in so doing, missed the chance to hit the steam rooms at the pool this evening – it closes at 2000hrs! Anyway, I’ll be heading there tomorrow morning and, most likely tomorrow evening for two steam sessions of 20 to 30 minutes each (I’ll probably throw in a few minutes of static stretching too).

As for this evening, I believe I’m going to watch a few episodes of season 4 ‘Breaking Bad’ as I’m trying to catch up with my friends who are all up to date with season 5 – a new episode of which is broadcast tonight! I might also get in some blog reading and possibly a chapter or two of ‘A Dance with Dragons’ by George R. R. Martin…

Finally, to close today’s post, I am happy to report that on Tuesday when I get home from work there will be a Garmin Forerunner 110 with Heart Rate Monitor waiting for me to take out on an easy, gentle test run to my brother’s house prior to a short weights and core session! So excited to start getting some accurate mid-workout feedback during my marathon training!

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