Friday 9th August 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Drumcode Radio Live – Nicole Moudaber live from Cacao Beach, Bulgaria

7.52km 37:27

After writing about my running shoe choices earlier today I decided that I would go out for a session in my New Balance MT110 this evening – what a pleasure it was to have them back on my feet again!

Tonight’s session was more about logging the miles, not so much about the pace or the distance – slow miles are better than no miles! I just wanted to take a nice easy run for 40 minutes or so due to my left calf being super tight from yesterday’s swimming session – I’ve been wearing compression socks at work all day and I also did the run in them. I’m having a couple of hours sans socks and footwear now but I’ll be sleeping with compression socks this evening.

The run does seem to have done both of my calves a favour as they both seem to have much less of an ache and don’t feel so tight and sore. I figured a nice, slow paced grass based run would work some of the muscles loose and I think that is exactly what has happened. Aside from this, not much to report from today! Tomorrow is my final workout before having two days of recovery and I plan to take a nice easy run to my brother’s house to do some weighted squats, some bench presses and some core work.

I’m really looking forward to recuperating, recovering and starting off again with fresh legs on Tuesday!

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