Wednesday 7th August 2013

AM Workout Soundtrack: Chris Liebing’s CLR Podcast mixed by ROD (Benny Rodrigues)

7.45km 32:48

PM Workout Soundtrack: –

26.56km trail & road (on Mountain Bike) 2 hours

Today has been a busy day! I woke up this morning knowing that I would have to take my bike to the workshop in London for a tune up at some point this afternoon. With that in mind I downed a cup of coffee and went out for a run before I’d even rubbed the sleep from my eyes.

I’m very glad that I did so as well, it felt great to get out of the door without too much thought and after a mile or so I was running with ease and with a smile on my face. I ran an old favourite route of mine and at the end of it I was really pleased to see that I’d not done too poorly – I was expecting to see that I’d run the distance a lot slower than I thought as I’d found it much easier than previous runs since coming back from injury and slothfulness! It’s a great marker on the road to peak fitness, I’m clearly getting stronger and quite quickly too – it’s great to see my average pace per KM dropping with every run.

On my return from running I had some eggs and homous for breakfast and followed that with a Skype call to my best friend who now lives in Australia. Shortly afterwards I set off for London town with my bike. After dropping that off I met with a friend for a light lunch and some coffee, she was really pleased to see I’d got back in the training saddle (no pun intended) and we got to talking about her sister’s boyfriend who competes in triathlons at Olympic distance – it looks as though I may have an occasional running partner and possibly someone to train with in open water once in a while. Training with somebody else will be a new thing for me so I guess we’ll see how it pans out!

After picking up my bike and returning to sunny Hertfordshire I dropped in to see my Dad and then took my dog out for walk. Then, without really hanging around at home, I went back out to meet with my brother for a trail/road ride. Originally I had planned to head to the pool for a 1.5 mile session but I thought as my brother and I both had today off and both like a bike ride I should take advantage of that!

I got to my bro’s house to find that he needed to patch an inner tube before we set out so I did a few weighted squats while I waited for him to sort his bike out. The weather was grand – perfect for riding as it was not too hot or humid and there was a very slight breeze.

Now, I don’t mean to be a bitch or anything but my brother and I have very different ideas of what a ride should be like! In my opinion you should strive to push yourself and log the miles. In my bro’s opinion you should sit back, peddle lightly and enjoy the ride. I don’t particularly enjoy easy riding and my brother doesn’t really enjoy hard riding but after some (slow) discussion we settled into a bit of rhythm with me occasionally taking the front to increase the pace. During the ride my bike took a while to bed in to its new gear settings – the gears skipped a few times and the chain slipped off twice. The gear skipping warranted a slow down whilst the chain drops warranted two brief stops. Then, to top it off, on our loop home my brother suffered a puncture – he was lucky I was carrying a spare tube and the requisite equipment otherwise we would have had a very slow, very grumpy and hungry five mile walk home!

All in all, a very productive day with two decent workouts – the second workout being great because it was done with my bro and although I may have bitched in the previous paragraph we do love spending time together. Here’s to more (harder) trail rides, eh bro!

I’m writing this at 2216hrs so I must sign off now – back to work on the ‘morrow with an 0530hrs wake up for the early shift!


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