Tuesday 6th August 2014

Workout Soundtrack: Mobb Deep – ‘The Infamous’ (on the way to and from the pool)

4x25m warm-up (freestyle)

40s rest

65x25m 41:26

40s rest

4x25m warm-down (50m breaststroke/50m backstroke)

I finally did my first continuous mile (and a bit) in the pool today and I’m pretty happy with the time I recorded! I’m certainly no merman, Phelps or Potts but I’m absolutely convinced that once I’ve nailed my breathing and stroke techniques I’ll be swimming much quicker!

I thought that I might find it difficult to keep count of each lap whilst trying to concentrate on my breathing and my short stroke but I found my mind surprisingly clear and focused on the task at hand. I even found time to briefly check my watch on the 32nd lap to find that I was swimming just a little over the time I had expected for halfway. That said, I may have been a little over but I didn’t panic, didn’t increase my power output and just kept on ploughing away. I definitely felt myself slowing down between the 32nd and 50th laps but I made a conscious effort to speed up for the last 15 in an attempt to get under 41:00 – alas, that didn’t happen but I was still super stoked to have managed the mile without giving up, losing count or losing heart!

I’ve now identified that I need to work on my upper body strength a little so I’ll be doing push-ups and light weights when I get up in the morning and just before I go to bed to work on that. It won’t take me long to figure out a short (15mins or so) upper body/core workout that I can complete twice a day without too much effort or thinking involved. Really looking forward to pool sessions now as I’m eager to improve my speed, efficiency and with time, the distance I cover in the pool!


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