Marathon, Open Water race, 70.3: goal setting for 2013/14

Over the past few days I’ve got to thinking about the training I’m doing for my first 70.3. After my post yesterday I realise I have a long way to go, equipment wise at the very least, before I’m ready to compete in a triathlon of any distance.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to break down my training into distinct, goal focused blocks. First up – marathon training. I’ve wanted to run a marathon ever since I took up running back in 2011 and it wasn’t so long ago that I was training to debut at Frankfurt in October until injury and a new job ended that idea.

Now that I’ve had chance to recover from my various ailments and settled into my job/routine I have decided to pick a new marathon to debut at. Pisa, Italy on December 16th 2013 is the one! I’ve chosen to do this because running is my strongest triathlon discipline and I’m pretty much equipped for the job already (just need some more trainers and a Garmin).

After reading through my old training logs I realised that in the past I did absolutely zero cardio-cross training – I just ran, and ran and ran some more (and worked on my core) until it all got too much and I ended up with a couple of stress fractures in my feet. So, with this in mind I will be incorporating swimming and mountain biking into my marathon training schedule to reduce the risk of injury – this will also keep me on the path to my debut 70.3.

After I cross the line at Pisa I will turn my attention from marathon training to long distance swim training and hope to enter an open water race in Spring 2014. I figure that a few months of mostly pool based training (with some open water swims thrown in) and a middle distance open water race will adequately prepare me for my eventual 70.3 debut race.

Hopefully by this point I will have obtained an Aero/Time Trial road bike and will have been training on that too. After my Spring open water race I intend to turn most of my attention to triathlon cycling/Time Trial bike training until I toe the line at my first 70.3 in August or September 2014! It would be great to enter an Olympic distance triathlon or a time trial road race before then but I don’t know if time will allow. At this stage I’m not entirely sure if I’m being over ambitious with this schedule but it is better to plan ahead than not to plan at all – at the end of the day, all good plans have a degree of flexibility!

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