Saturday 3rd August 2013

Workout Soundtrack: –

7.34km 35:47

Another day of feeling bombed out tired at work but one that was both positive and productive in that I read 85 pages of ‘Hansons Marathon Method’ and took on board a lot of the physiological messages therein!

Obviously reading that made me itch for a run all day so I was relishing the prospect by the time I got home and finished making a batch of recovery smoothies (2x banana, 8 x strawberries, 1x avocado and tsp ginger blended with almond milk)! First though came the swimming part of the day – I had been looking forward to this also and even dreamed about swimming for what seemed an eternity last night.

However, this dream turned out to be just that – a dream, certainly not a premonition! I got the pool to find it noisy and crowded with children of various ages along with floats and inflatables. I retreated to home in rather a foul mood, by this point I just wanted to finish my day – put my feet up, eat and walk my dog but the athlete inside my screamed “NO! YOU MUST RUN!”…naturally, I obeyed.

I set off for what I thought was going to be an easy run. It felt like it, I wanted it to be so and I had to willfully concentrate on not increasing my pace. When I got home and entered my route and my time in MapMyRun a different story emerged! It turns out I ran a little farther than yesterday’s effort and at a slightly quicker pace. I have to say I was amazed as I honestly thought I had taken it far easier than 4:53 (avg. pace per km), the run yesterday was averaging 4:55 per km. Maybe I’m adapting back to my old self a lot faster than I expected? Maybe aye, maybe nay! I certainly hope that’s the case and I guess over the next few weeks we’ll find out the truth.

One thing is has become abundantly clear after today’s run – I most certainly need to purchase a Garmin at the end of the month as I am determined to closely follow the Hansons Marathon Method. To do so effectively I need solid indicators of pace/distance/effort at regular intervals!

Tomorrow, most definitely, I will be seeing my friend Jonjo and tinkering with my bike! This will hopefully allow me to hit the trails with my brother in the early evening. Monday I plan to swim and run. Tuesday I think swim and bike and Wednesday it’ll be run and bike.

(Double workouts are only possible at this stage of my development thanks to having 3 days off from work)

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