Thursday 1st August 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Metallica, ‘Master of Puppets’

4.71km 22:32

1 hour rest and refuel

16 x 25m Freestyle

I went back to work today after having 3 days off, I guess you could say today was a test of my resolve to fit training in to my working life and I’d say it has been a success! I was up at 0530hrs and at work by 0800hrs, the temperature steadily rose throughout the day until 1715hrs when I stepped off the train ready to run (I’m going to have to get used to getting changed and ready in the station toilet and then stretching on the journey!) and found that it was 32.3c/89f and a lot of the route for my run had no shade!

I started off strong but quickly realised I wouldn’t be able to keep it up – at times it felt like I was shuffling along on parts of the route! All that aside though it felt like a good workout, every mile counts on the road to Ironman! I got home and felt pretty good – no pain in my legs, back or feet but a massive desire to refuel and shower!

I took on a homemade fruit and almond milk shake and, after opening the final package of my swimming kit (thank you Mr. Postman), I headed off to my local 25m pool for 16 x 25m reps at an easy pace, I am after all very new to swimming and I’m trying to hone my technique before I start smashing out 32, 64 or 128 x 25 reps! Judging by this particular session it seems that I have much to learn about efficiency, proper breathing technique and, in due course, sighting technique. As it stands I am absolutely certain that swimming is the weak link in my repertoire!

Tomorrow I plan to run a longer route home from work and then get to work fixing my bike with a friend who knows what he is doing – saves me having to wait until Wednesday’s bike shop tune up to learn to deal with these matters on my own! I can’t wait to have a fully functioning bike!


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