Wednesday 31st July 2013

Another night of broken sleep but this time I managed to get about four hours! I really hope I get a full eight hours tonight as I’m back to work tomorrow with a run and a swim penciled in too!

Today is most certainly a rest day – no swimming, no running, no biking, no weights, no nothing! I’m spending the day watching Breaking Bad and Dexter instead.

My swimming gear is almost complete now as the postman delivered my 2XU swim cap this  morning and Amazon informed me last night that my Speedo Endurance jammers have been dispatched so I’m expecting to have those when I get home from work tomorrow. I cannot wait to get in the pool and start some serious swimming!

As for the bike, well, I’m still operating with a Giant Revel Ltd. 0 (2013) mountain bike. Unfortunately I’m still getting to grips with the mechanical side of biking and I’m currently experiencing disc brake rub on front and rear wheels as well as chain rub through the front derailleur. On the flip side I’m due a free service on Wednesday 7th August so all that should be sorted by then and the mechanics will show me how to sort the problems out on my own in future.

Obviously, I can’t compete at 70.3 or Ironman with a mountain bike so I have been looking into aero-road bikes and time trial bikes for road training and competing. Yesterday I was offered a good deal on a Specialized Tarmac – an entry level, carbon framed aero-road bike. They usually retail at around £1300 but I’ve been offered a test model (ridden briefly three times previously) for £750 which I can spread over 12 months on finance. I’m thinking hard on it as the right bike for the job is a necessity but I’m already paying for my mountain bike over 12 months…hopefully one day soon I will win the lottery so I won’t have to worry about these sorts of things!

Finally, there is my running. After yesterday’s road run I’m feeling great and I’m fighting the urge to go for another run today. I’ve trained every day for nine days now and I think that is the pattern I’d like to stick to – nine days on and one day off. Really though, I can feel the change in my legs from the past nine days of cycling and running and I’m confident that I’ll be back up to my usual running speed within a couple of weeks. I’m relishing the prospect of my first long run in six months and I find myself day dreaming of the route I’ll take quite often!

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