Tuesday 30th July 2013

I have no idea why but I did not sleep a wink last night, I may have got about an hour or an hour and a half but it certainly wasn’t enough to feel recovered and ready for workouts today!

While I was making my morning coffee and chili eggs the postman came and delivered a rather large box. My excitement was growing as I opened it up but unfortunately inside the large box, that could easily have contained jammers, swim cap and goggles, was only a pair of goggles and A LOT of packaging! I was slightly crestfallen as I was beginning to put my sleepless night (and the aches and pains that came with it) to the back of my mind and thinking about swimming…maybe tomorrow Mr. Postman, maybe tomorrow.

As it stands, it is 1000hrs and I think I’ll take today as a rest day. I think this rest day will involve a trip to the bike shop to get a quick release bolt for my rear wheel (lost that somewhere yesterday) and I believe I’ll go and get a haircut followed by visiting with the old man.

[Don’t hold me to this being a rest day – I might end up going for a run this evening!]

Workout Soundtrack: Deftones – ‘Around the Fur’

5.5km 24:02

1845hrs –Not long back from a pretty decent road run! So far I’ve been building up my base using a field that’s not far from my house. This was because if it got too tough or if I injured myself I’d be within walking distance of comfort. I decided to forget that today and get back out there, out of my comfort zone and away from home! Finished the run in 24:02 which isn’t bad really considering it’s the first time I’ve been out on the roads since January. Starting to feel much more confident and stronger with each passing day now. Not long until I can get back to my usual eight to ten milers.


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