Sunday 28th July 2013

Workout Soundtrack: In My Eyes – ‘The Difference Between’ & Mark Broom ‘Acid House’

6km 24:49


15mins weights, push-ups, sit-ups

I was determined to do 5km today and I came in under 20mins which was positive so I tacked on an extra kilometre – obviously I slowed down somewhat towards the end! It did feel good to keep on pushing though. I can’t believe how unfit I’ve become in the last 6 months – as I was running I began to notice that my arms and legs are nowhere near as firm as when I was training 5 or 6 times per week (obviously). Fortunately this run has made me remember why I love it so much as well as reminding me how much I used to love my physique and how disappointed I am with it right now!

It is now my intention to run at least 2km every day until I feel that I’m back to my usual running standard, it certainly won’t hurt the 70.3 Ironman training regimen – the more I can do in any given day the better just so long as I pay close attention to what my body is telling me. I have been known to become rather stubborn and obsessive at the beginning of training cycles which has led me to injury in the past!

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