Saturday 27 July 2013

Workout Soundtrack: Earth Crisis – ‘Breed the Killers’

1km time trial 4:30

4 mins rest & stretching

1mi time trial 6:43

Well, if the first run of my 70.3 Ironman training is anything to go by I’m glad that I’ve given myself a full year to prepare! Horrendous! 4:30 for the K and 6:43 for the mile. Considering my PBs are 3:17 and 5:39 respectively I have a long way to go. I shouldn’t be too surprised really as the last time I went for a proper, training focused run was 15th January and I had to halt that one after about 4km due to an injury. It’s a shame that from there I never really got back into serious running – I spent my time instead learning the ropes at my new job…now I’m comfortable in my position and free from injury I’m glad to have a new goal to focus on!

[I must add that with the new job came something I had yet to experience – financial stability and the opportunity to be a very sociable person. Now, 6 months of smoking cigarettes daily and drinking beer almost daily have done me no favours. At the peak of my fitness around October/November 2012 I had stopped smoking altogether and rarely drank anything other than the occasional glass of red wine. When I woke up this morning I had the resolve to throw away my cigarettes and after the time trials I did I am now determined to carry on as a non-smoking triathlete in training!]

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