Strength & Conditioning: good runners don’t just run

As the title of this article suggests, to become a better runner you can’t just run. Granted, your speed and endurance will improve with the right type of running specific training plan but to build on that you really should try to involve some upper body and core/lower body workouts into your training plan! You won’t need much at all; an exercise mat, some dumbells and a medicine ball will get you started!

Strengthening your core will increase the power in your stride and also the amount you are able to endure without suffering too much during long and/or fast runs. Upper body strengthening, around the chest and arms, will help you to maintain your posture during races and training runs. You will notice you have fewer problems with cramping around the shoulders and arms by undertaking core and upper body strength and conditioning exercises!

If you read my blog regularly you might notice that I’ll often mention that I did a circuits and/or weights session. I’ve never gone into detail about what these sessions entail so outlined below are some of the things that I might include in a circuits/weights session.

Finally, I find that if you’re suffering from an injury that is keeping you from running then circuit and weight training is a great way to keep yourself in shape and also will help you to come back as a stronger, more well-rounded runner! Just because you can’t run doesn’t mean you can’t become a better runner in the long run…


Bicep Curls

Dumbell Bench Press

Tricep Extensions

Elevated Push-ups

Various Pull-ups/Chin-ups


Standard Body Weight Squats

Various Body Weight Squats


Russian Twists

Dorsal Raises

Superman Raises

Leg Lifts

The Plank

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